Okay I shall start typing here what I want to type first then go back in time.
After Yvo and I separated at Jurong MRT, I entered the train to Marina Bay via Woodlands myself and felt really lonely. So I decided to SMS to someone!
I miss Andrew! Even though the last time I spoke to him was 2 days ago I think. But still! I miss playing DC with him and I miss his presence around the house. So I typed a 7 page long SMS to him. He doesn’t need to reply it but if he wants to then… YAY! 😀
Yesterday I did barbequing even though I started out not knowing how to. But I guess I enjoyed it or I wouldn’t have steadfastly stood there so long. But the problem was, every batch of food that we put down on the table, within 5 seconds, probably lesser, they’re all gone. So the people doing the cooking didn’t get to eat much. I really wish that everyone took turns to cook their own food because I think it isn’t fair to those cooking for so long and not eating much of anything whereby those not cooking just wait to be fed.
But oh well, that’s just my opinion.
But I did manage to eat some satays, 2 chicken wings, a marshmallow and a salmon stick. Now that I think about it, it isn’t much but okay just ignore me.
Near the end of the party Yvo, Grace and I heard some army stories from Bert, Nick and Sean which were all really funny. Army stories are really interesting and I don’t think there’s any one that can possibly be boring hahaha 🙂
So then we were waiting for the guys to move off so we continued talking. But after 15 mins, we asked, ‘Hey are we going now? We’re waiting for you.’
Then Seb looks at us and goes, ‘But we were waiting for YOU.’
And we’re like ‘WHAT?’
Yes, I know, retarded right, just because neither side made a first move to speak up earlier.
So I got home pretty late but thank goodness my mother didn’t make such a big fuss about it.
Fast forwarding to today at session.
I don’t want to look weak, but I really feel kind of left out when everyone’s raving on and on about Ngee Ann Poly. Cos everyone who’s going poly is going to Ngee Ann. All except me. Yep. So much for fitting in. I try to fit in all the time. Guess this is like another test to become to immune to my surroundings. So what if all are going the same poly except me. Right?
I need to be more assertive. I don’t usually admit I’m wrong but I do need to be more assertive.
Definition: confident and direct in claiming one’s rights or putting forward one’s views
i shall become more assertive by the time poly starts. And if my appeal fails, I’m gonna go to NY and do my best there. I shall become immune to whatever bothers me, even though it won’t be easy.
I’m gonna be happy. Happy and prosper not because I have to. But because I want to.


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