My invisible shadows

I am still feeling rather neutral, trying to cope with the shadows I’m dunked in through no fault of mine, but learning to stand up thanks to Andrew.
I swear if Andrew didn’t tell me those words, to be brave and stand up and make good use of whatever I have left, I’d still be feeling dunked in the shadows, not knowing how to come out and not attempting to stand up by myself.
My brother is the best in the whole world. Even though he may be difficult to deal with at times.
So now even though I’m feeling it, the effect of being in that shadow, I’m telling myself,
No, I’m going to make myself better than them. I’m gonna show them. And one day I’ll shine. They’ll regret not taking me in. After all this excitement dies down, we’ll see how long they all last. I’m gonna be brave and stand up and one day I won’t feel like I’m in the shadows anymore.
I believe that God set me this path, that’s probably why he made me fail all my attempts/chances to get to the course I wanted (… …). But because this happened, I’m just gonna take this and make the best out of it. If I come out of the school 3 years later crappy as ever, then I’ve not helped myself at all, I’ve only made it worse. I’m not gonna let that happen.
Okay. That’s all I wanted to say.

Deep breath in…

Deep breath out…

Stand up tall…

And walk towards my future.


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