Sec 2 class first lesson!

So yesterday was the first lesson for the Sec 2 class and it was pretty fun!
I think the preparations we did were good; Cam’s a good In-Charge 🙂
I’m attached to Group 7 with Yvonne 😀 Though it’d be great if I was attached to Group 5 since it was my group last time 🙂
Nothing much about the first game, because I didn’t have trouble finding my partner cos she found me first hahaha 🙂
For the second game, I couldn’t think of things that I have never done fast enough. But everyone kept leeching points off me because they said stuff related to travelling and I think I’ve travelled to more places than anyone else in the group ._.
I can now think of a few things that I’ve never done:
– I’ve never owned an Iphone, Itouch or Ipad.
– I’ve never attended an All-girls school before
– I’ve never watched horror movies before e.g. Final Destination, One Missed Call (because they scare the living daylights out of me)
– I’ve never Skyped
Yep that’s all I can think of right now. I think I’m not deprived much of anything hahaha 🙂
Yvonne kept leeching points off me! Like going to Korea (That one confirm get points) and not sitting on the Battlestar Galactica before (THAT ONE TOO) Bet she was happy doing it hahaha
I want to go Universal Studios again before I go back to school on 16th April when Poly starts. I need to ask Matthew. We can probably go with all the about-to-enter-poly people and it’ll be damn fun 😀
I went to Universal Studios yesterday but only to see the fireworks. I asked James if we could ride the Battlestar and he said yeah let’s try our luck but all rides were blocked to the public 😦
Such a pity to be so close yet so far.
Anyway we watched the fireworks at the edge of the lagoon and I think I’m NOT gonna stand there again. My eyes just about died watching it from so close, they started tearing up from all the sudden blinding lights in the sky.
I’m gonna position myself at the steps in front of Mel’s Diner next time.
I should go and earn my money first then shouldn’t I? When I earn my money, I’m gonna use it to enter USS again and perm my hair and give the rest to my parents. Although I know they won’t take it.
Okay I think that’s it for today! I’m looking forward to the next Sec 2 catechism lesson 🙂


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