I played DC Universe yesterday and did the Smallville Alert for the first time!
Okay I thought that it was really tough until I heard that Stryker’s Island and Arkham Asylym are worse.
So the first part, we had to keep doing it again and again because everyone wasn’t coorperating and the stupid machine kept resetting itself again. And I got pretty fed up and told my group members to coorperate and they didn’t reply so I thought they wouldn’t coorperate. But then they did so we reached the first boss and I was like Great here’s the first boss. Then when we killed the first boss, we still had to secure the Doomsday minions to the station but it was tough because no one was coorperating again so I had to remind them again to stick to the tasks and focus on the main monsters and not get distracted by the smaller minions.
It worked. But still no one replied me. But at least they were working together so the message got through. It was irritating when they kept popping out of their temporary cages but we managed it. Five of them.
Then there was Lady Doomsday and it was chaotic again because the screen kept getting greyer and greyer so I thought I was dying or something. But we killed her. YAY.
After that, we had to go undercover as scientists then sneak into one of the tents and turn into a monster then we had to go around whacking the other monsters and LexCorp scientists. We had to whack 80 scientists. EIGHTY!
So after that there was another boss. Plus 2 actually. We had to whack Doctor Richards and his 2 clones up in their monster-ness after drinking monster serum. It wasn’t easy at all. I think I died twice for that part.
But we managed to kill them one by one and I was like PHEW when suddenly the Communicator said that we STILL had to battle Doomsday.
I was so glad when the JLA turned up.
That part was okay, until Doomsday started chasing the person carrying the important thing around, which was ME most of the time. He also blasted us into the sky until I was among the clouds hahaha 🙂
The bad part about this quest was that there were so many enemies everywhere that I didn’t have time to search around for Exclamation Marks and take them.
And after the whole Alert was over, I finally realised why none of my teammates replied whenever I told them what to do.

They didn’t speak english.


Okay don’t laugh, it ain’t funnay.
So anyway a bunch of guys from NYP added me consecutive days in a row one by one. I got weirded out because I don’t even know them and no where says that they’re from the same course as me so yeah.
I’m just saying.

So anyway here’s the song of the day:

Less than three,
Sarah 🙂


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