Banana and Potato~

YAY the Youth Mass today went pretty well except for one song!
Quite happy hehe 🙂
I had a flu recently and just recovered, even though I still have a slight sore throat. I think all that singing worsened the sore throat but I think all that practising was worth it.
I like singing in the choir, just that I would have to strain my voice to hit some notes sometimes.
We had to wear white top and black bottom so what I wore was my sister’s shirt and my mother’s skirt.
The clothes I was wearing weren’t mine hahaha
Anyway I saw what Yvo was wearing and I LOVE HER SHOES.
I’m gonna buy a pair of heels from Charles and Keith soon 🙂

Anyway, backtracking.
I watched Courageous yesterday with my family and it was a good movie! It was do good, I even teared up at a few points.
So I’m gonna sleep now and here’s a song if anyone is even still awake 🙂

Less than 3,

Sarah 🙂


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