The temptations in the desert

Okay I was bothered by yesterday’s session so much, I got scared at night and didn’t dare to sleep in my room alone so I ran to my mother’s room and camped there for the night.
It’s just that whatever Eric said creeped me out so much about Satan. He made it seem as though Satan could appear in any form and whatever temptation he makes has good intentions such that you’d easily fall into it. It honestly creeped me out so much, I don’t think I’m gonna make decisions easily again.
So anyway, I’m gonna write down here yesterday’s session.
What’s the devil like to us?

Okay all that sounds really scary. Imagine that he is all of that and you don’t even know when you’re being tempted.

Okay from Luke’s gospel, chapter 4, there were 3 temptations.
3 is a significant number, as it is used for emphasis.
And Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. 40 is also significant as it means purification. An example is Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years.
So the use of the number 3 for 3 temptations means that the devil is constantly tempting Jesus.
Just so you know, the devil’s number is 6: double that of God’s number in his hunger to be twice greater than him.
This is the sentence that creeped me out at night:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

I totally won’t be able to trust myself again after hearing that but moving on.
Jesus is every part human except for Sin.
‘God’ means ‘provider’ in some language, I can’t remember which one.
Jesus’ powers were meant for others, not for himself. So if he was tempted to turn the stones into bread for himself, he would be abusing the powers God gave him.
Jesus was tempted to think logically and give up that God will provide and use his powers for himself, to turn the stones into bread in order to survive in the desert.
Okay I’m creeping myself out. Moving on.
So here’s the point: ‘Do you take matters into your own hands just because you can?’
The lie that usually accompanies this is that ‘God will understand.’
Which is so true. We’re so human.

But why do we choose to lie?
Because telling the truth demands alot of courage and it is much easier to just lie.
God wants us to live the best life. But in order for that to happen, we need some suffering and pain.
So how do we get closer to God?
Pray regularly
Reflect, do readings and LISTEN
God’s challenge is for us for us to live the best and not compromise it.
Taking matters into one’s own hands is the challenge/temptation.

2nd temptation

Because of Free will, it doesn’t matter how many people are saved during Jesus’ mission.
God is never about numbers or efficiency.
His way is to reach out to us one at a time.
As God is Love, Love does not not work in big crowds.
The truth of this temptation is that Jesus IS to save.
However, the lie is that he is not meant to save that many people that way.
His way was to administer to people in need one at a time, not one to many at a time.
This temptation was the Hunger for power to do what we think is for the ‘Greater Good’.

We have to look at doing little things with great love and not great things.

Okay I’m done for now! That was long. And creepy somewhat since it’s nearly midnight.
Goodnight all!

Less than 3,



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