Formation Camp 2012 (1)

I shall start with yesterday.
Yesterday I had to go for P & W for the P3-P6 Lenten camp and I had to wake up at 6.30AM in order to get there on time. But I only got up at 6.50 and I knew that I was going to be late.
So I left my house at 7.15AM and while I was on the MRT, I started singing ‘Get me to the church on time…’ HAHAHA.
So anyway I’m very glad to say that my song was answered by God! I reached church at 8.02AM even though I left the house late. I remember the time πŸ™‚
I was having a sore throat yesterday and yesterday it wasn’t so bad yet. I could still talk, but I would feel pain at the back of my throat.
So anyway I sang during the P &W. It was fun singing Kid songs. Like ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and ‘This little light of mine’ πŸ™‚
After the P & W session ended, I wondered to myself, ‘So that’s it? What am I gonna do now?’
And guess what, Benny gave us something to do hahaha! We could do Intercessory prayers for those in the camp! YAY.
So I hung around all the way until 11AM and then went up to pray. But those of us that stayed back to pray for those in the camp were late so we decided to pray ourselves for them.
But we joined up with the main Intercessory praying Β group later during their break πŸ™‚
This time, the praying included kneeling and honestly speaking, the praying took quite a long time. And we were kneeling on hard floor. My knees were shaking near the endΒ of the prayer and my body was rocking back and forth because of it. But Nick passed me some slippers to kneel on yay πŸ™‚
I try not to complain, but I do commenting instead. I’m still learning to change myself.

Just now I spoke to my mother (She’s my best friend, I tell her everything that happens in my life πŸ™‚ ) about the whole Formation camp the way I saw it and then we came to the subject on people. I used to judge people. Alot. Without getting to know them fully, I’d judge them instantly either because I thought they were bossy or I just didn’t like them.
I still do but I try not to. And from last year to now, I realise that I’ve learnt how to judge people lesser.
And not judging others has given me new friends.
Last year, I was rather quiet too. I used to keep to myself because I had no one to talk to. But I just realised something. And that is that I love to talk. I love to vocalise my opinion on almost everything. The problem was that I was too afraid to do it for the fear of others judging me.
But over the past year, I realised that I have become more vocal in the things that I want to do and say. I guess that I’ve become more assertive πŸ™‚
I don’t have the guts to fully speak out my mind all the time so I’m still learning.
This is how being in the Youth Formation has benefitted me I guess πŸ™‚

Going back on track
So we were finally called to join the Year1s and sit by the side. So we listened and waited. I just wish Eric didn’t tell them to write everything good about the person because they took an awfully long time to complete the exercise.
Had lunch after that then I went off to meet my coursemates Bjorn and Mei Yu!
It was weird at first because when I came out of Dhoby Ghaut, Mei Yu was at Exit C and I was at Exit B and I had no idea where Exit C was hahaha!
Found Bjorn then we went to the Cathay building where there was a Lion Dance competition and the noise from the Lion Dance troupe could even be heard at the fourth floor in the building. We decided to walk to Somerset after that πŸ™‚
Walked to Somerset. Went to Scape and I bought two rings at $2.50 each YAY πŸ˜€
We talked about random stuff for a while at a foodcourt then we decided to leave. Mei Yu left first, while Bjorn and I walked to 313 and there was the Kinect Dance Central 2 there in public, promoting their competition Dance Central 2012. Bjorn tried to get me to dance with him but I didn’t want to so he did it by himself the first round. Later, I don’t know how, but he managed to convince me to try it.
We danced the easy version of David Guetta’s Sexy Chick and it was pretty fun hahaha! I was surprised πŸ™‚
We left after that then I headed back to church!
I was there just in time to watch a Sing-off HAHAHA πŸ˜€
It was great fun πŸ™‚

Day 2
I stayed over at Aunty Helena’s place last night since it was more convenient and I had to wake up early to go for 7.30AM mass too with them.
Had difficulty waking Alex up even though he had two alarms next to him.
But managed to get him up in the end. Mission accomplished πŸ˜€
I realise that I can’t sleep peacefully when I have to worry about waking up on time. All the nights whereby I know that I have to wake up early the next morning, I have never slept without waking up to toss and turn.
Oh well. So went to mass. My sore throat was much worse. I sounded like a frog today.
Couldn’t sing even though I wanted to.
I love singing. Especially when it come to praising God and worshipping him. But today I could barely speak, much less sing.
I was rather sad at that fact 😦
So anyway Eric started talking about the exercise the Year1s had earlier on in the morning after P & W and he asked them to share their thoughts about it. Then he asked the Year2s and above to share, if we could still remember it hahaha.
When he said that, I had this nagging feeling that I wanted to share. I really did. But I told myself that my voice would fail me and it wasn’t good to strain my voice.
Eric must’ve been thinking on the same wavelength as me because he kept looking at me. Then he said, ‘Sarah, I know you want to share. No voice also can share, I have the mike. Come share.’
Me: …..What?
Hahaha yeah that’s what I thought. But I was happy to share my experiences hahaha! πŸ˜€

There’s another whole part to this camp that I’d like to type out here but it’s getting late so I’ll end it off here.

I thank you for this day that you’ve given me today. I thank you for blessing the youths in the formation camp, for opening their hearts to you. I pray that they will continue to want to learn more about you and love you with their whole being.


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