Formation camp 2012 (2)

Welcome to the continued part of Formation Camp 2012!
Okay I’m going to write about the temptations of Jesus again.

Recap on the first two temptaions
Lie in the first temptation: That Jesus can use his powers for what he needs
– The temptation in this first temptation is of Certainty of the future.
We could take matters into our own hands and have certainty of life  or not take matters into our own hands and have uncertainty of the future, living by faith.
Remember, Jesus does not want us to live a good life. He wants us to live the best life.
Carry your cross patiently with faith because the world is tainted.
Do little things wiith Great love.

The second temptation is about Control.
– Love is about free will.
– The second temptation is about the greed for control.
– Living by faith means carrying our cross, embracing the uncertainty of life.
– People want control and Power for stability and predictability of life.
– Controlling makes things predictable
– It is not wrong for us to want stability in life, but it is wrong when we let it govern our actions and it goes against God’s principles.

Third temptation
– Putting God to the test
– Expecting God to behave in a certain way
– Expect to ‘can’ God into our narrow-minded actions
An example:

Praying and fasting and we expect good things in return
– Bartering with God.
– We think we give something to God and expect God to give us back something ‘acceptable’ in return
– And when we don’t, we get angry with God.
– We must surrender to God, leave the final outcome to him, but give it our best shot.
– Many of us think we have given our best, get lousy outcomes and we blame God
– Expectation in the format of guidance
– If we reflected on the events in our life, the guidance is there
– We just didn’t notice it because we were concentrating on the format of guidance we want to see
– God gives us opportunities
– We can ask God for things but we cannot set the conditions.
-Carry your cross faithfully, but you will suffer
– If you love God that much, you will do it for him


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