God’s amazing Love

My mother took me with her to A Walk Through The Mass at St Mary’s today this morning again and I thought it was pretty interesting. Most of them are chim but one thing struck me. That’s why I remember it till now even though I didn’t jot down anything during the session hahaha 🙂
It was about how God is referred to as the ‘Bridegroom’ and the Church is his ‘Bride’. It is said by Edward Sri that when we walk down the aisle for Holy Communion, it is like the Bride walking down the aisle to meet the Bridegroom.
When we accept the Body of Christ, it is like saying, ‘I accept you, I give myself to you too’. And after we receive the Body of Christ, that time when the Host is still in our mouths is the time for us to ‘talk’ to God, really talk to him. Because that period of time is a time of deep intimacy with God for his Body is within us.
I guess it is a little confusing about referring to God as the Bridegroom and the Church as the Bride but here’s another situation:
Later, a priest broke it down for us. He said that Pope John Paul used not just Agape to describe God. He used Eros, Philia and Agape to describe God.
Eros in Greek means Intimate, Passionate and Possessive Love. The kind of love between a husband and his wife.
Philia in Greek is Fellowship Love, the kind between friends and family.
Agape in Greek is Unconditional, Sacrificial Love. It refers to a general affection or deeper sense of ‘true love’ rather than that of Eros.
In the Old Testament, whenever it was written that ‘God is jealous’, it really means that he is jealous. Because he is like ‘You belong to me, but why have to gone to another?’ whenever his people strayed and worshipped other Gods. This is to show us God’s Possessive love for us, Eros.
And of course, God loves us wholeheartedly by Giving, always Giving. By Giving and never expecting anything in return, this is how he demonstrates Agape Love for us.
Interesting isn’t it?
God is Love and he would never do anything to hurt us deliberately. We are definitely lucky to have a wonderful, kind, merciful and loving God like He.


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