My Awesome Coursemates

I had a great day with my coursemates yesterday!
I woke up at 10.10AM yesterday and I thought, oh great, I have to leave at 12PM.
And I wasn’t feeling in top condition cos I was starting to get a bit of sore throat and phlegm but I really wanted to meet my coursemates so I went anyway.
On the way out, I realised that I had to get my testimonial from school or the General Office lady would call me up again as she did the past 3 times last week.
So I headed towards school and waited for her to get my testimonial when I saw Miss Tiffany Koh there. She looked at me and mouthed ‘Hello’, then she smiled.
So I smiled back and greeted her like an ex-student would: ‘Hi Miss Koh’
She walked past me and asked, ‘How are you?’ and I replied ‘I’m okay’ *Smiles*
She smiled too then walked away. The funny thing was,
She never taught me before. During my 4 years in Unity she was never one of the teachers that taught me.
But she remembered me.
It’s quite amazing I guess.
So after collecting my testimonial, I went up to the MRT platform and looked at the MRT map. and I realised that Stadium Station was very very very far away.
I told my coursemates: I WILL be late T.T
Them: It’s okay we’ll wait!
Not like as if they had a choice hahaha since we’re all not that familiar with each other yet.
I had to change at 3 interchanges which I realised took over an hour T.T
I reached there eventually and I was 16 minutes late.
We walked to Kalang Leisure Park and headed for the food court. Charlotte, Sam, Bjorn bought their meals from the Chicken Rice stall as I expected while Vi and  bought our meals from the Handmade noodle stall.
We talked a little as we ate then we ran out of topics to talk about and we all decided to just concentrate on our food hahaha 🙂
Bjorn tried to be helpful and said, ‘Awkward silence’ HAHAHAHAHA!
Anyway after eating we finally went into the Kallang Ice World. Bjorn and Sam forgot to bring their gloves sothey bought gloves too. The gloves looked construction gloves so I kept joking that they would go inside hacking the ice hahaha!
Had no idea how to lace my ice skates ._.
Vi had to do it for me, thank god for her kindness 🙂
Managed to stand on land with the skates. Couldn’t balance on the ice with them at first. But after practise and support from Sam and Vi, I managed to move forward and faster by myself (Y)
We held hands for a long time and moved around the rink to gain confidence andit worked 😀
Bjorn was the only one having trouble with ice skating from the beginning to the end. Poor guy had to use ‘life support’ for a while before he managed to slowly move his way around.
I tried ice skating with Char. She goes so fast, at one point, she was practically dragging me so I was gliding and she was pulling me HAHAHAHA
Later, Char and Sam started talking about some private stuff so Bjorn, Vi and I were abit awkward so we went off then decided to take a break and sat down. Then we watched them to see if they would notice our absence hahaha 🙂
I must say, after being on the ice for such a long time, my feet and toes hurt. When I stepped on the ground again, it felt weird and I nearly fell hahaha. Sitting down was a lifesaver.
It took them a while before we saw them looking around and finally spotted us. They then came over to sit down too.
After resting a while, we all decided to leave (after taking 5 polaroids) and we headed for Starbucks . When we were there, we all started playing Draw Something with one another hahahaha! It was pretty fun cos one person would go, ‘What are you drawing??? I don’t know what it is!!’ And the other person would give some clues 🙂
Left Starbucks eventually and we all headed our separate ways by MRT.

The awesome people of MMM ❤


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