Mah gang 🙂

Had Freshmen Orientation on Thursday and Friday!
Thursday was pretty boring with all the talks given to us. Like there was this big-sized lecturer who came up to talk to us on how the booking system works to install a software into our laptops and a Librarian who spoke in this monotonous voice until I was half sleeping. He was so boring until I didn’t pay attention to what we’re supposed to do and it’s important!
Thursday was basically comprised of two parts. Mass dance and Amazing race. I’ll summarise the whole thing. The Amazing race wasn’t amazing. It was pretty unimpressive. We had to drink H-Two-O+pepper+lime+sugar for one of the stations and trust me, you do not want to try it. The mass dance was awkward. The OGLs kept saying ‘Face your partners’ and then my partner and I would look at each other then look somewhere else. Like oh look, a butterfly.
Finished the mass dance then went home!
I have to admit, Char and Sam’s boyfriends are like hulking bodyguards hahahaha!
Friday was better, which was a good thing because in the morning I was actually dreading to go for Day 2. Played alot of games that required us to get to know each other better like Cling Cling and Whacko, Chucky Chucky Boom Boom and Blanket. Most of the forfeits we had to do were the Sexy Crawl and writing words in the air with your butt. Embarassing much?
Water games were pretty fun. The most fun one was the one with the chairs but the OGLs kept spraying us in the face so we couldn’t even see anything. Only after they stopped then we could carry on. Walked barefooted on the hot running track for most of the afternoon and the heat cooked my feet 😦
I found Hui Li and Hui Ling! 😀 So much more fun with them around. Too bad they’re in HS.
Then there was this game whereby 4 people held a towel with a water balloon on it. They were to swing the balloon from their towel to another. The funny thing was, our group never managed to get the water balloon from one towel to another. Neither of the two opposing teams won hahahahaha 😀
Ended the day with the talent time. Everyone was so surprised and impressed by Ian’s Wacking dancing hahaha!
So the day ended well I suppose!
And I’m gonna start school tomorrow.
I’m gonna miss those 6 months of slacking that I had.


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