First and second day of school

Today’s the second day of school and now I’m doing nothing important.
The lecturer didn’t come for Pillars of Life so we were slacking around. Then we were trying to get Appreciation for Music and Theatre as our GSM so we quickly turned on our lappys and went on to the nyp portal. I managed to get the GSM YAY!
We went to Macdonald’s for breakfast and now a bunch of guys behind me are singing Adele’s ‘Someone like you’.
Wei Lynn and Joshua told me about Soundcard and they said that it’s like Glee. So I got it on my radar. It sounds interesting enough for me to join 🙂 But if I can’t get in then I guess I’ll go back to badminton.
Making new friends… Learning new stuff…
It’s fun 🙂
And yesterday we got to meet a foreign exchange student! So interesting 😀
I’m gonna torrent the Glee seasosn 3 episodes.
Bjorn and Danish were being mean to me laughing at my candid photo that See Teng took! 😦
So unfair.


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