Today is Tuesday! And it’s really windy here, the curtains in my house are flying. I just found out how to use the webcam that I never used before on the laptop.
Slow right. Hahahaha.
So yesterday I did 3 things:
1. Transcribe Present like Steve Jobs
2. Make my own notes from Business Presentation Skills Week1 powerpoint slides
3. Made my rough idea for what I’m gonna say for the 90-second presentation
I’d like to say that I was proud of myself for doing those but no, those achievements are rather little. I should start work on the Narrative story Class activity which I don’t really have an idea how to do.
And probably stare at it until something hits me in the head.

… … …

Minutes later, I learned how to use the Webcam and now I have a webcam toy (Y)
Sense of achievement.
It’s weird that I’m wearing an NP t-shirt now. And that I don’t have an NYP t-shirt.
I took ONE photo of myself with the webcam toy but it didn’t turn out well so the next time I use it, I’m gonna drag in a few others with me.
The Monsters are talking among themselves now. I wonder if it’ll be awkward for me to join in the conversation. But like everyone else would say, go through the storm then you’ll see a rainbow, I guess I should give it a shot, right?

… … …

It’s going to rain here now. I spoke with my mother. I told her that I got fed up and angry at 2 of the Monsters. She told me it wasn’t their fault that they couldn’t explain to me and that it was probably because I didn’t ask the right questions to them. She also said that I should apologise to them.
I felt like breaking down. But I think she’s right.
No matter how anxious or helpless I’m feeling, my friends don’t deserve me taking it out on them. I’m gonna try talk to them again.
I hope they forgive me.


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