So today is the end of Wednesday!
I did my Narrative Speech on One Day, a book and movie that I really loved.


I highly enjoyed the movie version of it so I went to buy the book and though some parts got a bit boring, I told myself to read on just to see what happened next. When I had read finish the book, I re-read some parts of it 🙂
Anyway my hands and feet are much better now though they’re kind of peeling in places. But that means that I have new skin now so yay!
I was talking with the Monsters on Whatsapp earlier, it’s scary but I think Char has HFMD too. The spots on her hands and feet that she showed us seemed to be like mine in the early stages. I wish her a speedy recovery! Though her MC will probably be one week too.
Bjorn and the others seem freaked out, especially Bjorn hahaha! I hope I didn’t scar them for life 🙂
I’m quite excited to be going back school tomorrow. I dunno why but I think it’s because of staring at the laptop for hours trying to figure out my homework and getting infuriated from undetailed responses that made me like that. But I do know that when I go back tomorrow, I have alot to catch up on.
Miss Quah called me earlier on in the afternoon. Apparently, she thought that I was playing truant O.O
I told her that my long absence from school was due to HFMD and she went ohhh… I see.
Luckily I explained my situation right to her.
Took another weird photo of myself hahahaha.

I should go sleep soon since I have to wake up early to configure laptop! Need to remember to bring charger, external disk drive and a few other things


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