I was just listening to Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca Allegretto. He is so talented.
If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is:

I was just watching small trailers of The Avengers again. I know I’ve never been this crazy over an action movie before but it just so amazing to see all these different heroes from different places come together and fight to save humanity. Here’s a small clip of Captain America and Thor fighting together in the end fight scene.

What happened today here cannot be described in a public post like this. I promised that I would never lie here on my blog so I will post another post on my blog. But to be sensitive to other’s feelings, I will password protect it.
I never imagined that my day would be spoiled like this. On Daniel’s birthday hahaha. I wished him happy birthday anyway and he replied back thanks 🙂
I saw Dom in school during my lunch break today! I was so surprised to see him there and it was pretty funny because a few days ago, Nathaniel asked if we were in the same school and we said yeah. Then he asked if we’ve seen each other during school hours and we said no. But it happened today HAHAHAH
I’m feeling neutral now. This morning was bad. I’m so glad to have a great friend like Nick. He made me feel better after making some reference to The Avengers hahaha 🙂
If you’re seeing this Nick, THANKS AH. THANKS ALOT 🙂 THE AVENGERS FTW HEHE (Y)
The Avengers has been my kryptonite the past few days 🙂 I go crazy whenever someone mentions it. Just thinking about it is enough. So glad that Sam has joined The Avengers club! When she came into Koufu today, I asked her how The Avengers was and she got all excited then before we knew it, Vi, Sam and I were spouting spoilers from the movie and Bjorn and Danish stuffed their fingers in their ears to block us out HAHAHAHA
I bought cute socks today! Just one problem though. I think I may need to buy some more cos I bought the wrong kind.


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