Thank god for Sam.
I love her so much šŸ™‚
She understands and I was surprised when she described the Monsters as a family. I never really though of it that way. It’s probably cos I’m not that close to them yet. And after experiencing much nonsense that I could barely take from some of them, I wondered if I couldĀ tolerate this kind of thingĀ from them for the next few years, should it continue on.
I’m going to be brave and speak my mind to them. I’m going to tell them what I think and why I got angry at them that day because I think they’re still completely clueless on that situation.

Anyway I went to church earlier on. Two of them. One for catechism class and the other for Mass. Today’s catechism class was quite toned down, about Ignatian Contemplation so the class was really quiet for onceĀ (Y)
And that girl in my group Nadine finally shut up because she was sitting so far away from her beloved Bernie I think YEAH (Y)
After Mass in St Joseph’s my family met Uncle Danny’s family and I saw his son Gavin! He’s really grown since the last time I saw him, which was like when he was still a baby! He’s now 6 years old. DID 6 YEARS JUST PASS BY SO QUICKLY LIKE THAT???

He’s really cute, soĀ full of vigour, energy and life. He kept running around us, talking about superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman Iceman, etc. He even said that there was a Beeman O.O Dunno if he was speaking the truth HAHAHA
At one point, he said, ‘I’m going to jump down 3 steps’ and my sister and I were like ‘NOOOOOOOOOO!’ HAHAHAHA but he did jump down 3 steps and luckily, he wasn’t hurt.
Then he did lots of weird things like hitting himself and slapping his cheeks going ‘Not pain. Not pain.’ like he was so proud of himself he could tahan the pain hahaha.
And he kept going to my father saying ‘Uncle, uncle, can you come to my car? I want to show you my Batman mask.’ HAHAHA SO CUTE. And my father said ‘But your car is very far away. You teach me how to fly there then if I can fly, I’ll go okay?’
And he replied, ‘Okay. You just jump and flap your arms like this!’ HEHEHE.
He also kept insisting that he was a vampire and curious, I asked if he watched Breaking Dawn and he said yes. He even knew that there was a scene whereby Bella drinks blood from a cup!!! A 6-YEAR OLD WATCHING BREAKING DAWN??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And he’s so cute and innocent!
Gavin has a really large set of lungs, he can really ‘scream’. He seemed disappointed when he realised that my family wasn’t going to see ‘his car’ so when his parents were walking him away, he turned back and ‘screamed’, ‘BYE!!’
Poor kid is a single child though. No wonder when we all gave him attention, you could see that he was actually enjoying it. I bet after we left, he wasn’t so energetic anymore.
I bet if he went to watch The Avengers now, he would be so psyched up because he loves superheroes like Superman and Batman HEHE ^^


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