I’m really glad and grateful that I have a brother like Andrew.
I heard from momsie that he tried his best to pass his IPPT (I THINK that’s what it’s called) so he can come back on weekends. And it’s because of my birthday this month.
Andrew wants to be there to celebrate my birthday with me.
Isn’t that so wonderful of him to have even thought of this so he can be around for my birthday?
I love him very very much. Even though you won’t read this, I love you Andrew! ❤

Had choir practice with some of the YLs earlier on. It was pretty fun. And it was fun talking to Joey on the way back home too hehe 🙂 Told him about my Hulk pants theory and he laughed and laughed hahaha!
My momsie just told me that my sister doesn’t have school tomorrow. WHY EVERYONE ELSE GOT HOLIDAY TOMOROW WE (poly students) DON’T HAVE 😦
Going to write out my script of my time with HFMD later. For some reason, I’m watching a rerun of the Star Awards hahaha

Jacq kept singing Payphone by Maroon 5 earlier on. So I just watched the music video and realised that f*** is in it. Okay.


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