Mixed feelings

Today is a day which I can only describe as full of mixed feelings.
I left my house 45 mins prior to 8.30AM and I reached Yio Chu Kang first for once YAY HAHAHA (Y)
And for once Bjorn reached the last even though he stays nearer to school than me HA.
The first lesson was Pillars of Life and this was my first time sitting through a lesson of this module since I was absent for the first lesson.  This module is really fun and interesting. We found out, out of 20 values, which top 10 we valued the most, and about our self-esteem.
When we calculated our points that determined our results, we found out that Bjorn has a high self-esteem and Danish and I have strong self-esteem. Having high self-esteem equalled to high self confidence so Danish and I kept disturbing him about it HAHAHA.
Had a 1 hour break. It was relatively fun. Danish lent me his lappy and let me transfer over Twilight and New Moon to my hard disk YAY (Y)
While it was transferring, I went to my facebook account and played Avengers Alliance for a while hahaha 🙂
And while ALL THIS was going on, the guitarist kept changing so each song being played on the guitar didn’t last very long.
Went to the next class. It was boring shit. I’m know. I’m so gonna suffer for this module, and for Marketing. Sat with the rest of the Monsters, camwhored and it was fun 😀
Bjorn kept laughing but he had to keep controlling it because we were sitting in the front row. I was pretty much daydreaming for most of the lesson. Halfway through, my phone vibrated, notifying me that I was tagged in a photo on facebook. I took one look at the photo and started laughing because Bjorn’s ‘pinched’ face staring back at me HAHAHAHAHA
Had lunch break next. I won’t really elaborate on everything that happened but all I can say is, I got angry and pissed off again. I think Danish is starting to learn People Skills and become more tactful. When I was already clearly irritated and NOT happy, he changed his plans to accommodate me. GOOD JOB DANISH I’M PROUD OF YOU (Y)
I came across a quote later that said,

‘It takes a strong person to say sorry. But it takes an even stronger person to forgive.’

‘I’m not that ‘even stronger’ person yet. I still have difficulty forgiving people easily. So when the guilty apologised, I didn’t relent. Not so easily. The smart thing would be to shut up and wait for me to cool down. Sad to say, that did not happen. But I’m choosing to close the situation so it would not affect my relationship with the guilty.

‘ I tweeted about this and Mozzy replied! He gave me an effective method to use whenever somebody pisses me off. THANK GOD FOR MOZZY.
Went to DFVP class. It was pretty okay, entertaining at some parts.
I had fun talking to Justina and Mali! 😀
They are awesome girls who have great taste in men HEHEHE
Went down to the Atrium area to shoot some shots with the camera. Saw Yuyin, Lye Heng and Xinyee!
Followed Sam to see the Soundcard audition. We gave up going for the audition because of the queue. When we got there,  the queue number was at 96. And when we asked the guy at the registration counter what number was being auditioned now, he said 4 or 5.
We nearly fainted there.

Went home. A bit unhappy with my momsie. I tweeted that I felt down, but that I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. Nick tweeted back asking me to cheer up. Nick is SO NICE! He’s like my second brother or something. My brother next to Andrew 🙂 THANKS NICK! YOU’RE LIKE MY BIG BROTHER (Y)
Camwhored with my sister. SO CUTE HAHAHAHA


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