Creativity and Thinking Skills

Apparently all the guys in my class has gotten molested by Matt HAHAHA and their reactions to it are damn funny! 😀
Miss Soo ended our class 55minutes early so now most of us are in class doing our own things.
I’m pretty scared my conjunctiva got scratched again.
It took 45 freaking minutes to put the lenses into my eyes because the one for my right eye wouldn’t stick and my momsie put it in for me in the  end in two tries. I was pretty surprised she managed to put it in when I couldn’t even do it myself.
I made Papa late for his work  because I exceeded my time of putting on my lenses. He was kind to tell me to take my time even though both of us knew that we were already running late.
On the way to school, Papa gave me a talk about Marketing and I must say, it was WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN MISS TAN’S LECTURES.
Found out that Char wore lenses today too! Danish and Bjorn asked if Char and I collaborated with each other to wear lenses today hahaha. Before that, they kept asking me where my specs were. And I kept saying that it was in my bag. They seemed baffled as to what on earth it was doing there HAHAHAH
It only dawned on themselves later that I was wearing lenses HAHAHAHA 😀
I forgot to bring my headphones AGAIN. I’m getting irritated with myself.

T.G.I.F. tomorrow! But that means that next week is week 5 and the ICAs are all gonna be due then. I haven’t done the Marketing, Creativity and Thinking Skills and Writing for Mass Media ICAs yet!



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