I was really nervous today.
Before it was even my turn to present, my heart was pounding against my ribs like a jackhammer. I told myself, shut up heart, calm down why are you doing this to me???
I tried to calm myself down. Unknowingly drank more water until I felt like I needed the toilet.
Fiona and Christine kept telling me to stay calm. It sort of worked I think. Taking deep breaths also helped. But when I saw Nivaa go up I was like, SHIT OMG OMG AFTER HER IS DANISH THEN AFTER DANISH IS ME.
My turn came soon after and I started my speech. I think I did a better job this time and I did joke around a little. I was within time limit YAY. Also, PHEW.
Went back to my seat when I was done and my hands were still shaking.
Matthew basically screwed up his ICA and I won’t be expecting to see high marks for this one.
It was Azimah’s birthday today! She was really touched when my classmates surprised her with a cake šŸ™‚ And she received many gifts so sweet šŸ™‚
I really like talking to the korean girl Kong in DA because I find her really sweet. Gonna take picture with her next time!
I still haven’t found someone to interview yet. SHIT.


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