What I’ve learnt

During this difficult period of time, I have learnt several things.

Sam is like a big sister to me. She stands up for what she believes in. And when words fail me, she’s the one who will speak those unspoken words for me.
Char is like a sister that can possibly be the same age as me or younger. She watches the things happening around her. She tries to be fair. She doesn’t bug me constantly to reply when I don’t feel like doing it. But she shows her concern once in a while. Something like what my own sister does.
Vi is like the youngest among them, because even though she shows concern, she doesn’t know what else she can do to help the situation.  She can only wait and hope for the best outcome. Innocent.
Danish is like a thoughtful thinker. Once learnt, he is cautious to try not and make the same mistake again. And because of that, I’m grateful that he listens to my thoughts. He is almost like one of my church brothers.
Bjorn is like an unpredictable wind.  Once, twice spoken to, his wind still blows in an unpredictable pattern. Sometimes the wind blows so hard that it blows over objects such as trees. The trees break and fall to the ground. But the wind eventually calms down.

Thank you my pretty girls for being what you mean to me. Thank you Sam for being my ‘speakers’. Thank you Char for knowing when to yield and when not to. Thank you Vi for just being you. Thank you Danish for listening to whatever nonsense I may say. Thank you Bjorn for preparing me for what I may encounter in the future.


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