Just thought of something weird.
Sam, Char, Vi = SCV
Danish, Bjorn, Sarah = DBS


Today was relatively okay. Mao Mao Chong’s class was interesting for once! Today he spoke to us about movies. It was WAY better than his MDA talk.
Had a mini break so went to the library to do work. Danish and I were having ‘Oldies week’ 😀
Then I was so nervous for my BPS ICA review! Actually I only became nervous because of Justina who was more nervous than ME. Went inside when it was my turn. Miss Ang made me watch the video recording of myself. SO HORRIBLE. EVEN I’M EMBARRASSED TO LOOK AT MYSELF. I was like, oh god, is that ME? when she played the video. Got a B grade for it in the end. Not bad for someone who was only presenting for her second time! (Y)
Then during DFVP, I was taken aback when Keng Yun suddenly snapped at me even though I wasn’t even talking to her. I was quite pissed I must say. It bothered me throughout the first part of the lesson.
But later she apologised to me and said that she felt guilty snapping at me, knowing that I was innocent. So that cleared up. I was pretty glad that at least she had a conscience. I was already starting to form my judgement of her.
Went to the library after DFVP. Met Char and Vi there.
Went home after a while.
Now gonna start working on my script.


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