On the way to see The Kanjoos

Danish and I followed Christine, Fiona, Sherry, Keng Yun, Claudine, You Qian to see The Kanjoos. On the train ride because I started playing Temple Run, Fiona, You Qian and Keng Yun started playing it too HAHAHAHA!
They decided to go Orchard first cos Claudine suggested going there to buy Koi. Then when we got to Lucky Plaza, we couldn’t find Koi and Claudine had left us secretly so we walked around looking for Koi.
Went outside eventually and found Koi. Although Claudine was the one who suggested going to Koi, she didn’t buy anything and neither of us did. Then, we watched while Claudine went into Giordano and started hugging all her past colleagues.
And Danish went, ‘Oh my god we came all the way here just to see her hug some of her friends???!’

Right after that we left for Dhoby Ghaut and on the way, You Qian and I were saying that our time in Orchard would have been more productive if we had gone Forever21. Then MORE people would have benefitted from our detour to Orchard hahahaha!
When we reached Dhoby Ghaut, we didn’t know which bus to take to the DBS Arts Centre and we were running late so the 8 of us took 2 taxis to get us there.
Problem was, the taxi driver in second taxi that Danish, Keng Yun, Fiona and I took didn’t have a clue how to get there and we missed a turn to the right way. Had to take a long route and ended up having to pay nearly 10bucks. I think I owe people alot of money I should stop letting people pay stuff for me first.
Now sitting in the theatre. Show’s gonna start soon!
Lights, Camera, ACTION!


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