My Captain America


My Captain America!
I stare at him and he stares back at me unless I hit his head and he bobbles sideways like an Indian haha.
I’m bored now. But I was watching Ben 10 Ultimate Alien earlier on. The only problem was that I couldn’t watch it with the sound on because Kathryn was doing her work and I was lazy to take my earpiece so I watched an episode muted.
I’m currently CCA-less now I guess. But I don’t want to join another CCA. It’ll split my commitments and probably affect my work because I really can’t handle my time well.
And I really want to go University so I’m just going to concentrate on my studies.
The Monsters all have a CCA and they keep telling me to join Guitar Club. But why I left SO was because it took up too much time. Wouldn’t any other CCA take up my extra time too?


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