Oh well.
It’s Monday again and I hate Mondays. I have to stay in school for a bloody 3 hours because of GSM at 5PM.  It’s honestly a complete waste of time. I wish I was smarter and took the 4-5PM timeslot with Vi when I had the chance. Waiting around in school for 3 hours is boring.
Had Marketing ICA1 and BPS ICA2 presentations today. Marketing one was okay I think. BUT FOR THE BPS ONE MS ANG BETTER GIVE ME B+ AND ABOVE I WORKED HARD ON IT. The Powerpoint slides were mind-twisting and I did them only yesterday. So as you can see, my work was kind of last-minute.
I wore my arm warmers in class today and some of my classmates had different reactions to it hahaha!
Abigail thought that they were boxing gloves.
Joshua thought that I’d broken my wrists. So did Neena hahaha!
After I finished my BPS presentation, the thought dawned upon me that I HAD NO MORE PRESENTATIONS (Y)
Had the bloody 3-hour break. Or waiting game. Watched some Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episodes. Some of my classmates couldn’t believe it when Justina told them I was watching Ben 10 UA HAHAHAHA. I even remember at that point of time, I was watching episode 26 🙂
I hate the right and middle portions of the library discussion room. There are simply either one or no powerpoint plugs at all at those areas. But every time we look for a spot on the left side of the room, all the tables are already occupied.
That is so annoying.
Had the GSM. Ms Eapen let us watch ‘Phantom of the Opera’ music video from the movie, my favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical 😀
When Matt and I realised that it was the Phantom of the Opera we hi-fived each other hehe.
Emmy Rossum is so pretty 🙂
Took our time just to walk towards the entrance of the school. Eventually boarded a crowded train and went home 🙂


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