So since today is the 30th of May, even though my Aunty won’t see it,

Happy birthday Aunty Joan! 😀
Happy birthday to my one and only Aunty that will fuss over healthy food and I can even have a debate with her about it hahaha.

I liked the Pillars of Life leson yeserday. We started the lesson with a quiz on which Marvel or DC superhero we were. Halfway through the quiz, most of us could tell what the results of each option were. They were Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Flash and Iron Man.
Guess which one I got! I got SPIDERMAN~
And the thing is the attributes of those who got Spiderman really fit me.
Some attributes are sarcastic, responsible when given a task but won’t take up responsibility if possible, easily stressed.
All of that is so me. So creepy. Hahahaha 🙂
Sam got Batman, Char got a mix so she’s Spironman (hehehe), Vi and Danish got The Flash.
This morning, I was walking with Sam in front of Bjorn and Danish and I was telling her about the 5 superheroes. Then I turned around while on the escalator and said to Danish and Bjorn, ‘There are three Flashes’ And their reaction was to turn around going, ‘Where?’ HAHAHAHAHA!
Cos I was speculating that maybe if Bjorn had taken the quiz, he would have gotten The Flash. So he would have been the third Flash.
This morning I woke up at 6AM. Shut off the alarm clock and woke up at 6.45 which really sucked becaused that meant that I had to rush.
Reached Yio Chu Kang at 7.50AM.
Mao mao chong’s class. Quite boring I guess. The muppets were so cute, I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying hahaha.
Mao mao chong got angry at the class. Blah blah blah.
Had Marketing lecture.
Danish kept staring longingly at the burgers the rest were eating because he was forbidden to eat them. Still is haha.
I listened to Ms Tan’s lecture for the fourth time in a row! I’m trying to pay attention so I can write down whatever she says on my book. So that my book won’t look so plain too and I have notes that I can use to revise 😀
BUT I REALLY DON’T WANT TO FAIL ANY MODULE. ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT ARE BORING. So I’m paying more attention to those ones. Like Marketing and Intro to Media.
ButI have to admit that Mao mao chong’s lectures are harder to pay attention to. URGH.
Going to post a video here for Sam to watch! It’s so touching that I cried at this scene 🙂


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