2-week break

The 2-week break has officially started for me!
It’s a little more than 2-weeks but whatever, you get the idea.
There’s going to be some interesting things to look forward to during this 2-week break. Apart from the never-ending ICAs…?
Next week, I’m going to Mediacorp studios to watch We Are Singaporeans in the studio! And I’m going back to Unity to help out in the band camp I guess. At the same time, I’m going to see the Committee 2012-2011 too! 😀 Then on 16th, I’m going to Universal Studios!
I’m going to ride the Battlestar Galactica over a million times but I think someone’s going to puke sooner or later if they went with me on the ‘million rides’ HAHAHAHA!
No offence to anyone about that, especially Char. Since I know you have a weak stomach for rollercoasters.
I’m quite excited to see the Committee 2012-2011 again since I haven’t seen them for ages and these are the people that I worked with for one solid year through all those performances like Con la Vita and SYF 2011.
I also want to go watch some movies like Madagascar 3. For home movies, I want to watch Iron Man 1 and 2 and Thor. I ALSO WANT TO GO TO THE HARRY POTTER EXHIBITION.
I don’t know who would go with me though.
I think during this holiday, quite some money will fly out my pocket.
Heart pain, heart pain.
I always try to save money so hard. Even eating as little as possible in school, telling myself I don’t need to snack. And people always think I’m trying to diet, for some reason. I’m not okay. I’m not. And I’m not anorexic. Don’t worry.
I always wish I had more money to spend.
And recently, I saw this dress on my friend’s blogshop that is pretty cute. My mother told me not to buy it. I understand where she’s coming from, because after I bought that dress from a blogshop, she doesn’t trust blogshops any more.
The dress that I got was so short and it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I wish that they’d shown me the back of the dress. And now when I see the dresses,even though I really think they’re pretty, I have my doubts about the back design of the dresses.
Once bitten, twice shy. My blogshopping experience hasn’t been exactly good so far.
And the material of these blogshop clothes are so hard to get right.
I’m going to stick to normal shopping. The kind whereby people walk into shops all day just to find the right kind of clothes.

Just now I was talking to Mozzy and he was saying that he and Andrew were so similar. Amused, I asked him how similar he and Andrew were. He said that they both took ELL, how they are both grumpy and how both got into MP. HAHAHAHA!  Mozzy then went on to say that he told my momsie before that Andrew looks grumpy enough so he should be an MP. When I read that, I was like WHUT? HAHAHAHAHA!

Talking to Nick now. I’m going to make you feel better. I promise 🙂


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