Marvellous Marvel

The title says it all.
I’ve been reading a lot about Marvel characters and watching Marvel movies again.
I watched Iron Man and Iron Man 2 the last few days and yeaterday I watched Thor. I really liked Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark because he really made Tony Stark out to be an asshole, yet still likeable. I don’t think the director could’ve picked a better person to play Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. also has this witty phrases that he uses during the shows that make him really likeable, even though those phrases can be the ones that make him an asshole.
I’m glad that he got together with Pepper in the movies because in the comics they don’t get together at all.
I’m quite weirded out by the way Marvel puts heroes together with other people, make them a potential love interest and then don’t get them together in the end. Like Thor doesn’t get together with Jane Foster, Iron Man doesn’t get together with Pepper Potts and Daredevil doesn’t get together with Elektra cos she got killed. The only hero I know that got together with his love interest is probably Spiderman. At the moment. No wait. I think Reed Richards and Sue Storm did get together; they even had kids.
Maybe Marvel just wants to show the world that being a superhero ruins one’s love life.
So okay, moving on.
I watched Thor too and I think Chris Hemsworth did well in portraying the arrogant Prince of Asgard. He showed compassion and selflessness in the end and that’s what got him Mjonir and his powers back. Even though the movie made Jane Foster look a whole lot cooler by making her an astrophysicist instead of a nurse like in the comics, I think they shouldn’t have done that. I’d like it much better if movies stayed loyal to the book versions of them to retain the authenticity there.
And Loki… He’s a very interesting character. He’s supposed to be a Frost Giant, right? But later he became the God of Mischief and Evil. How did that happen? Are Frost Giants supposed to be able to master other skills and become a God of them? I don’t quite get that part. And Loki only becomes the God of Mischief after Thor, when he lets go and drops himself into the abyss below, when there is no way of proving himself to Odin anymore and when he realises that he really hates and despises Thor and that nothing can change it.
I just watched the Fantastic Four and Daredevil too.

What I liked about the Fantastic Four is that there’s this part in the show whereby Ben Grimm really wants to become normal again and desperate, he goes to Von Doom. Von Doom succeeds in reversing the process of the cosmic ray storm and Ben becomes normal again. But Von Doom has more power now and he goes mad, ecstatic over his new power, blasting and zapping stuff. When Ben realises what he has done, he goes back into the machine and turns back into the Thing. This whole thing shows us acceptance of ourselves, even though we may not like who we are at first. Johnny Storm is the absolute opposite Once he got fame using his powers, he loved every single bit of it and he couldn’t stop showing off to the public.
I must say, Chris Evan’s Johnny Storm is a real asshole from his selfless Captain America and these 2 characters are really different. Johnny Storm loves attention, is reckless and vain. Captain America on the other hand is selfless, humble and a real leader. I think it was great watching Chris Evans playing 2 really different characters. It was fun 🙂
And finally, Daredevil. It was a great movie to watch, just quite saddening when Matt Murdock’s eyes get splashed with toxic waste and his father gets murdered. I think he is something like Venom? As both characters have a weakness to loud ringing noises. There is this wonderful moment in the movie when Matt Murdock tells Elektra that whenever it rains, it’s like he can see again. So she agrees to stand in the rain and when it does, he takes off his spectacles and that look on his face! It’s like a blind man seeing the light for the first time, full of wonder and joy. And he tells Elektra that she is so beautiful.

Later, the Kingpin tells Elektra’s father that she is so beautiful and that he had never seen her smile like that since her mother’s death as he watches her dance with Matt. And when she fights Daredevil later for revenge and manages to wound him, she tells him that she wants to look into the eyes of her father’s killer as he dies even though Daredevil pleads for her to wait. She removes his mask and is shocked to see that Daredevil is in fact, Matt Murdock, her love and she tells him she’s sorry. Daredevil tells her to go because Bullseye is coming but she says that he has to pay for what he’s done. Daredevil tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her again and she tells him: ‘I’ll find you.’
Bullseye then goes on to stab her through the palm of her right hand and stabs her body with one of her sai. But Elektra manages to crawl back to Daredevil and she dies in his arms.
Enraged, Daredevil goes to find Bullseye and Kingpin.
What I liked about the show is the emphasis of justice in it. Matt Murdock is a lawyer and as Daredevil, he fights for justice. His life is pretty sad though. His father and Elektra both died and he is now alone, although I read somewhere that Elektra was revived.
Marvel comics are pretty amazing. But the love lives of the superheroes never end up well.


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