The last 3 days

Okay I haven’t been blogging the last few days because I’ve been busy from morning to night for 3 days in a row! It’s been tiring but fun.
I’ll try my best to describe everything in detail here everything that happened during the last few days, though the whole thing may be too long for one post.

Okay, on Thursday, I went out to meet the Monsters at Junction 8 to watch Madagascar 3 after eating my lunch at home. Met them then went to watch the movie. It was really really funny and entertaining. The movie is so good that you would laugh from the beginning to the end. Here’s a video of the car chase scene in the movie 🙂

So yeah, if you want to see more of the movie go watch it!
I really liked the part whereby Alex the lion jumps into a wooden pole accidentally and Gia the leopard follows suit HAHAHAHA EPIC (Y)

Then, we went to Swensens to have Tea! Even though that sort of became part of my dinner. I had some soup, ice cream and fries that tasted great with tartar sauce! SHIOK AH.
We headed to Caldecott after that to go to Mediacorp to watch We are Singaporeans. We decided to walk there and when we finally reached there, there was good news and bad news. The good news was, we saved money on cabbing there! (Y) The bad news was, we felt extremely uncomfortable and sweaty from walking in the sweltering heat.
So anyway, we finally entered the studio after a brief tour around the props and makeup room. In the makeup room, we saw this actor guy that say ‘Wow’ when my girls and I walked past him and we got hit by this guy’s manliness in the face. When we got out of the makeup room, we were thinking hard who that guy was then later we realised that it was Bobby Tonelli! And when we realised that he was dating Joanne Peh, we were like, SIGH.
The set was amazing and interesting to be in. I didn’t know sitting in the audience required tough work hahaha! Saw the 3 contestants. I didn’t realise the guy named Ryan was Ryan Sow and there were a few clues that got me to the conclusion that yep, this Ryan definitely is my ex-senior.
1. Hossan Leong called him ‘Ryan Sow’. I mean, come on, how many Ryan Sows can there be?
2. Ryan said that he was in Ngee Ann Poly
3. He told Hossan Leong that he couldn’t sing, that’s why he joined that band. And when Hossan asked him what instrument he played, he said trumpet.
And that was when i though to myself, Okay this guy is DEFINITELY Ryan Sow.

Finished the show at 10PM which was pretty late. Then they had a lucky draw. And guess what. Out of the 6 of us in the Monsters, 3 of us got the card game set! And we were sitting in this order: Vi, me, Sam, Char, Bjorn, Danish. Well guess what? Vi, Sam and Bjorn got the card game set. The lucky draw skipped one person each hahaha!

Went home pretty late. Sigh.

I went to Aunty Helena’s house in the morning to go shopping with her. But before that, i went to Lot 1 to pick up Dom’s birthday cookie! Watched ‘Modern Family’ with Daniel and it was pretty funny and ridiculous. Went to Vivo to look for shoes for me but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Didn’t spend on anything other than food at KimGary’s.
Went back to Aunty Helena’s house so I could get a ride with James in Court’s car! It was a Audi convertible woah~
I kept teasing her, telling her please don’t crash hahaha! In the end, I must say that she drove pretty well!
Getting from Dover Close East to Marina was an adventure. James was the navigator and he directed Court back to Clementi before we started going the right way. We were on AYE and we were supposed to get out at exit 17 according to the Google maps but James told Court to drive straight and so she did aaaaaaaaand…

We ended up on a highway that took us all the way to Bugis and eventually Little India hahahahaha! So we had to make one big turn before heading back down to Marina and we finally got there yay!
After driving around for an hour when we could have gotten there in 35 minutes-ish. And for the parking, Court handed me a parking coupon. Nobody should hand me parking coupons because I mess up with them. And true enough, I tore out the wrong timing for a $1 parking coupon. SORRY COURT!

Got there on the boat and it was cool because you get this rocking feeling of the boat. And when you’re on the toilet bowl, the rocking of the boat makes you feel weird hahaha!
Went on the upper deck and this is what we took!

Went back to the restaurant and listened to the seniors talking about clubbing and their experiences. I was pretty bored of that conversation until they switched to stuff about the YLs. Had great food. And I was full by the time dessert came! So i gave it to Samuel and he couldn’t finish it hahaha! Then, the birthday cakes came, YES, BIRTHDAY CAKES. With an ‘S’. There were 2 cakes. And they were ice cream cakes! So cool! 😀
When we were done, we had a hot drink then went on the upper deck and took photos!

James’ arm looks funny hahaha! We had a great time taking photos and fooling around on deck. And when the rocking of the boat became harder, James and Samuel ran back and forth on the deck like Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew to topple the boat HAHAHA! (Y)
I reached home late too but Court did well in sending me home with no navigation mistakes this time YAY!

Okay I can’t blog about yesterday. I still have to pack my bag for the camp and it’s getting late. I’ll blog about yesterday probably tomorrow or something! 🙂


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