My good holidays

I was too lazy to blog the last few days so I shall do it now.
I can’t really remember details of the Universal Studios trip last Saturday but I’ll try to write them down here if I can remember.
I had to wake up really early because I had to take some time to poke my eyes. I remember sleeping at 12midnight because I came home late from Dom’s party. I only had 6 hours of sleep that night.
And I didn’t even sleep well. I remember waking up at 4 AM for some reason. Maybe the weather was too hot and I woke up.
So anyway I got up at 6AM and started getting ready. I even surprised myself by taking a few tries before I could get the left lens in but it only took me 1 try before the right one got in because I usually have problems putting my right lens in.

Fast forwarding.

Met the Monsters at Vivo. We met Bjorn’s friend Francesca and I LIKE HER A LOT (Y)
I remember the first time Bjorn was introducing us to her. I told her, ‘I’m Sam!’ and we were all switching our names and she had this blur look on her face HAHAHAHA 😀
So she was pretty quiet at first, but then later she loosened up. Char and Wen Bing wanted to run off with all our money to go Batam hahaha but of course they didn’t 🙂
We finally entered USS! Headed straight for the Transformers ride first! I sat in the front row this time and it was AWESOME. Even though it was my third time riding on it hahaha. I was screaming and yelling, I hope Vi didn’t go deaf sitting next to me. The front row is really something else. BECAUSE YOU DON’T SEE ANYONE’S HEAD IN FRONT YOU (Y)
I forgot which ride we went to next. I think it was the Mummy Ride?
Awesome experience as usual. I heard that Danish sang Bieber’s ‘Baby’ at top volume when he was on the ride. I was screaming as usual, even though I’d already ridden on it over 5 times the last time I was there. Rollercoasters never seem to fail to surprise me 🙂
Went for some more rides. I forgot the order we went already. We went for the Shrek 4D one and at the torture chamber, I told the guys to shout ‘YAY!’ when the guy announces ‘FLOGGING!’ HAHAHA and we did shout ‘YAY!’. Just not loud enough for him to hear like the last time the YLs and I did it 🙂
Sat on the Dragon rollercoaster. Even though it was much tamer than the Battlestar, it still got me screaming hahahaha. I’m a thrill junkie (Y)
Sat on the Battlestar at last! Bjorn and Char backed out as expected. Though they could have sat at least once.  We went for the Cylon one first. It was epic. Vi was screaming even before we descended, when we were ascending. It was awesome. I absolutely love the part when we go through the mist twice and the feeling of being upside down in the air. I also loved the corkscrew turn at the end of the Cylon ride (Y)
Rollercoasters make me scream my lungs out no matter how hard I try not to in order not to lose my voice and make others deaf hahaha.
During our last few spamming of the Battlestar, Vi, Francesca and I thought of singing Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ as we ascended and descended, saying ‘youuuuuuuuuuuuu’ as we descended. I’d like to say that it was a success, but Vi was already screaming when she saw the fall and forgot to yell ‘youuuuuuuuuuuuu’ HAHAHAHAHA OH MAN 😀

We also started singing our own songs halfway through the ride. Like Vi was singing her Big Bang songs and I was spamming ‘Afro Circus’ HAHAHAHA! I’d just like to say that singing against the wind on a rollercoaster is not easy. Hahahaha 🙂
And as we were walking through the Mummy ride route, people were scaring one another and Wen Bing suddenly turned around and gave me a shock! Oh well hahaha. And at one point of time, we were all so tired, we just sat at the edge of the lagoon and stared at nothing while I went round taking everyone’s photo 🙂
Sam, Vi and I even carried Char for our Girl Monsters photo and when we told Char our idea, she had this look on her face and she looked around wildly going, ‘WEN BING!!!!!!’ and the thing is that he came immediately going ‘What is it??!!’ HAHAHAHAHA! You guys so cute 🙂

And I finally rode on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure ride! I just didn’t expect to get so wet. Danish even wanted to buy a $3 poncho. The kind that you can get at NDPs. I told him it wasn’t worth it so I gave him a plastic bag instead to protect his camera. We then set off on our water adventure! I liked it a lot hehe.
Saw many dinosaurs that squirted water at us and something dumped a lot of water on me from on top. We then went inside this dark dark tunnel and for some bloody reason, everyone started screaming.

I have no idea why hahaha. So i was like, ‘SHUT UP SHUT UP EVERYONE CALM DOWN!’

I don’t think they heard me over all the screaming in that echo-y tunnel though hahaha! And I think the screaming started because I screamed first sigh. IT WAS DANISH LAH. He scared me from behind Vi in that dark tunnel and I got so shocked I started screaming. No wonder everyone else got so worked up.

We were lifted up and then it was semi-dark. I didn’t know what was happening until Bjorn started yelling and swearing all the vulgarities while looking up. I looked up too… and saw a T-rex over us so I started yelling too but one part of my head told me to shut up or else it would look at me hahaha. How realistic my thinking was hahahaha 🙂

We then dropped down and I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh SHIT.’ because I was going to get really really wet. And I did. Both my legs got wet, so did my butt and my shoulder and back were wet too. Char and Wen Bing were like YEAH WE DIDN’T GET WET and I was like thinking to myself later on, actually, the fun part of the ride was the prospect of getting wet. Maybe not drenched, but yeah, wet.
When Vi and I got out of the ride, we started chasing Char around to give her a hug to get her wet too. And she was screaming and Wen Bing was chasing after too – not to get her wet but to protect her from us HAHAHA!

So we saw the Joker from Batman and took at photo with him. Francesca was really scared of him and right after we took the picture with him, she started running and the Joker guy chased after her round and round. It was hilarious to watch. We saw the fireworks in the end. Walked back to Vivo because the queue for the skytrain was too long.

I’m not going to blog about the Sec 2 camp now. Too tired. I wish I was at the Sec 3 camp. But I know that they have too many people there, twice the amount we had at Sec 2 camp.


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