Lovely Vi

Today was a tough day for Vi. I know that feeling of being told on and cheated and that feeling of losing trust in someone you trusted alot.
That girl was honestly being such a bitch. How could she do that to Vi? If she truly treated her as her friend and knew her secrets, why did she treat them like dirt and carry on with him behind her back, knowing full well that Vi liked him very much?
She didn’t even have guts to tell Vi the truth way earlier on. Not wanting to hurt her by telling her the truth is not a bloody excuse. It’s like she could see the whole situation, everything that was going on and ahe just waited it out to see how things would turn out. Such a byotch.
If I could, I would go up to you and slap you for hurting Vi. Vi is a wonderful girl, she doesn’t deserve this crap.
Telling her to respect her and the guy and be happy for them is too much. She knew full well that Vi already liked him, how can she say that to her? After leading her on for so long?
She was just trying to save her face. What does she need to save it for? So that she can get Vi’s forgiveness and still make use of Vi in the future?
Vi truly deserves much better than this. One day, when she meets the man of her dreams, that bitch won’t be there to see it.
Vi, don’t be sad okay! You still have us and we’ll always stand behind you 🙂


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