Crazy days

I’ve been in the middle of crazy days well, the last few days.
I’ve been so stressed that I’ve felt like punching a pillow or just yelling out to the world. At the back of my mind, a voice tells me, even if you do that, it’s still not going to make the workload disappear.

I know it sucks. A lot. But there’s really nothing you can do about it except grit your teeth and just do the work. It’s torturous and painful, knowing that there are a whole lot of other things to do just waiting for you.

Yep that’s how I felt the last few days.  don’t think that feeling is going to go away any time soon. So I try to cheer myself up with the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man in cinemas today!

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to watch it! Nick is already watching it. And I don’t think the YLs will have a movie outing for this. I’m kind of depressed. I wanted to watch with Andrew but Kathryn won’t allow Andrew and I to watch without her and Andrew can’t watch it at night tomorrow because he has Guard duty on Sunday morning. That means if I want to watch with Andrew, I would have to wait a whole week before he comes back just so I can watch it! And not all of the Monsters are free this weekend to watch it! That means that I don’t have anybody else I can watch it with! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

1 week is gonna seem like AGES because it’s SPIDER-MAN. I’m really not looking forward to the weekdays ahead. They’re going to ruin my Spider-Man mood and get me swamped under more work.


Well so I’m going to talk about what happened today. I maintained my BPS ICA results so that’s good. Which means that I didn’t deteriorate. Neither did they improve so it’s not good, but it’s not bad either. Then while waiting for SCV to finish their lesson, Bjorn, Danish and I sat outside. The 2 guys started listening to music and started singing. I got so bored that I recorded whatever they were saying/singing. The recording turned out to be 9 minutes long hahaha.
Then we went to Macdonald’s and waited for Vi to join us. She did and we started talking about our sleeping habits. After whatever we spoke about today, I think bunking with Vi and Char in the same cabin is going to be very interesting 🙂
While walking back to the MRT station, we decided to come up with a bunch of songs about Char and we sang them to her until she took out her headphones to block us out HAHAHAHA

Nothing much to talk about today. The upside was, I didn’t need to hand up the IMM Insight Assignment. The downside was, I WOKE UP EARLY THIS MORNING JUST TO DO IT AND THEY WERE TELLING ME I DIDN’T NEED TO DO IT AND HAND IT UP BY TODAY AFTER ALL?!?!

Oh well.
I feel like watching The Time Traveller’s Wife, which has Rachel McAdams in it. I saw some parts of it and I liked this sentence that she said to Henry after she told him that she was with a younger version of himself the night before.

‘D’you remember the night in the parking lot when I came and get you. You were younger before the surgery. I mean, it’s not like I cheated on you.’

Okay. This totally made my day today. Thank you Ryan Higa (Y)




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