My ‘kidnapping’

So I went to church yesterday for Sec 2 catechism. And as I was queuing up for the bus 96, a certain 2 people gladly cut into my queue when they saw me.


Then when I was sitting in the bus, they were right next to me and for some reason they kept talking, giggling and looking at me. It was this routine for a while. Talk, giggle, look at Sarah to see if she’s listening. Ah so childish.
I think I even know what they were talking about.
Sec 2 catechism was interesting since it was about Taize prayer. And Taize prayer is one of the more interesting prayers as compared to some like the rosary, which is repetitive and more boring. I’m not saying that the rosary isn’t good, because it is actually one of the most powerful forms of prayer. I’m just saying that between these 2, I prefer Taize.

So then I attended mass after that with my aunty Helena, uncle Philip and James. We had to sit right in the front pew cos we were late.
It was so hard to look up to see the screens~
And I got a free Sparkling Apple from uncle Philip! He gave one to Cam too but when he received it, he looked at me and was like, ‘Do you want another one?’

Aunty Helena and Uncle Philip were going to attend the Corrine May concert at Gardens by the Bay and they had one extra ticket. And James and Daniel both didn’t want to go so I got dragged into it.

We sat a mile away from the stage. And the burger Uncle Philip handed to me was HUGE. The beef patty was so thick, I had to open my mouth to the max just to bite into it. And since it was so dark, I couldn’t see what I was eating until I bit into something and I realised that there were pickles in it! AHHHHHHHHHH!

So anyway, Corrine May’s concert was better than I expected. And there were even fireworks at one point of time cos of NDP practice. Hehehehehe free fireworks show πŸ˜€
I realised that most of her songs were Christ-centered and wondered if most of the audience were Christians. Catholics are Christians, if anybody doesn’t know that. Christians are used to refer to anyone who believes in Christ.

She sang her famous song, Five loaves and two fishes.

I’m sorry if the quality is poor but I really couldn’t do much cos my battery was at 12% at that time.

The concert ended at 9.15pm. We took an hour to get out of Marina area cos there were all these clowns who illegally parked everywhere; at the side of the road, even at the turn and at that area whereby it’s near a traffic junction. Everytime we moved, it was like inches. It was so annoying.
And we were listening to Gold 90FM and the songs being played were about words and then vowels.

I reached home at 11pm. Went to find out the song sung by the Daddy O’s. It’s Babara Ann πŸ™‚ And that beautiful song whereby they drag a girl out of the crowd and sing to her is Dream lover


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