As usual, when a Marvel movie comes out, I go to the cinemas directly to watch it!
And I’m going to write about The Amazing Spider-man!

I think I’m going into Marvel Mode now. I can’t help it!
Okay I think Andrew Garfield is an awesome actor. He portrayed the teenage Peter Parker really well and I felt that we could relate to him, this Peter Parker as compared to Tobey Maguire’s. Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is playful and pretty much a typical teenager growing up like all of us. He wants to get his crush’s attention and he’s shy about admitting
to her in her face that he likes her. And after talking to her, he walks away happily. Wait he doesn’t walk. He skips away happily that he managed to talk to her hehehe it’s so cute 🙂
He even knows how to have fun when he’s shooting his webs at a car thief (Y)
Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is more flexible and agile in his moves too. And he’s discovering himself, finding out who he is and what he’s supposed to do.
Karma takes a shot at him for not helping the shop owner catch the thief, resulting in the thief shooting Uncle Ben and killing him. The agony of another loved one taken away from him is shown clearly on his face and I nearly cried at that scene. Uncle Ben told Peter about one great thing about his father before he died. And that was responsibility.

See, that’s why I love Spider-Man so much. That message of responsibility is always there. Telling the audience that responsibility is a duty, not a choice.  And Peter takes that seriously. To prevent the city from having more people lose their loved ones, Peter decides to use his gift to help others.

So anyway there are lots of funny parts in the movie, I’m too lazy to recall them all and type them here so just go watch the movie to find out yourself! And I honestly think that watching the show in 3D is the best experience ever as there are some scenes in the show whereby the camera is from Spider-Man’s point of view as he swings and jumps from building to building. IT’S FRIGGIN’ AWESOME.

Okay I do remember some funny parts. I’ll just type them here so when I read this post of mine, I’ll enjoy reading it (Y)
1. When the car thief takes out a knife to threaten Spider-Man to stay back, Spider-Man goes, ‘You’ve found my weakness, it’s small knives!’
2. Uncle recognises Gwen Stacy standing a short distance behind Peter and he tells Peter, ‘That’s a pretty girl. Hey, isn’t she on your desktop computer?’
Peter tries to stop him from going on but Uncle Ben happily tells Gwen over Peter’s shoulder, ‘He’s got your picture on his computer.’
3. While waiting for the Lizard to appear, Peter decides to play some game on his touch phone!
4. The first morning after getting the spider bite, Peter basically messes up his toilet. He squirts too much toothpaste on to the mirror accidentally, breaks the tap and the towel rack. He then goes back to his bedroom with this stunned look on his face
5. Peter researches about spider bites until he gets so agitated, he starts typing so fast, his keyboard letters all get detached from the keyboard
6. When confronting the car thief, Peter has a great time shooting webs at the guy, laughing and saying aloud that he didn’t know that it was this fun
7. Peter is about to kiss Gwen when suddenly this football flies at them in their direction. Peter catches it and flings it away. It hits the goalpost and dents it. The football players all yell at who the culprit could be and Peter and Gwen just stare at the dented goalpost
8. Peter drops into Gwen’s room and in order to get her father to stay away from her room, she tells her father that she has cramps and that she doesn’t want cocoa and that it’s horrible; that he doesn’t wanna know so he better not disturb her

Well that was funny! I got shocked at the parts whereby the Lizard just jumps out of nowhere. The shedding of lizard skin is plain disgusting and the regrowing of body parts is just urgh. Jacq and I made quite some noise there. And when the Lizard’s alter ego starts talking to him, it’s kind of creepy.
Oh well. Anyway there’s a post-credits scene! So don’t be impatient! Wait and watch the post-credits scene!

‘Hey Parker! You wanna play football?’
‘Nah. Too dangerous.’


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