Okay it’s Friday and it’s the end of a crazy week yayyyyyy!
Though I’m still internally panicking about the ICAs next week. Azhar’s and Ms Soo’s tests! Both if them were told to us on such short notice, I’m worried that I won’t have enough time to study for them 😦
(short notice in my book: 2 weeks)
I think I should stop playing Marvel Avengers Alliance so much too but hey, I’m a human being right, I’m not a robot. Even Sims need fun and have a fun bar meter.
So a few great things have happened this week and it happened mostly on Wednesday!
We celebrated Char’s birthday!
This is the most elaborate birthday celebration ever. It burned a huge hole in my pocket and I’d really like it if it doesn’t happen again.
But we accomplised our mission to surprise Char successfully even though there were several problems.
1. Sam and I couldn’t find Seoul Garden because we had no idea where it could be
2. Char didn’t follow Vi into the toilet and she was going to follow Sam and I but I cleared that problem fast enough
3. Seoul Garden was fully booked! We had to quickly think of somewhere else we could go to eat
4. They were watching Ghost Ship until 5.15! I had to remind them that we had to leave or we’d have a time management problem
5. Char said that if she couldn’t afford the food and wanted to go but Danish saved the situation quickly by saying we would treat her

And as all of us had to rush to make it seem unsuspicious, poor Vi had to stay constipated in the toilet longer! And I was asking Sam, ‘Just how long can Vi stay constipated in the toilet?’ and we started laughing.
Good job Vi! (Y)
At one point of time, as I was coming down an escalator, I saw a poster about Seoul Garden and I was trying to find its location on the poster so intensely until I didn’t watch my step and tripped upon hitting ground floor.
And now after Wednesday, no one will ever insist on bringing me to watch a horror movie because instead of the movie scaring them, I would end up scaring them. Horror movies are so not my type. While watching Ghost Ship (over a pillow), I saw this woman looking up at the ghost of a girl and I got so shocked I screamed and the monsters all jumped even though they weren’t scared by the scene.
I’m going to watch my Marvel movies to counter my scary encounter with horror shows.


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