Work, work and more work

The work pile is forever loaded. The free time pile is occupied by the work load pile. This is driving me nuts. There are so many tests and projects going on this week, I can’t even keep track of them. And when I finally remember them, it’s so last minute to really get down to business. And I end up rushing to do my assignments and stuff like mad.

I hate this routine of rushing and having that feeling of no personal free time at all. I feel like I’m going to bang my head on something any time soon. The workload is so full, I wonder how the Teachers feel about this. Oh right, they don’t because marking scripts are so easy and there’s no dateline for giving back the students marked scripts.

Teachers have it so easy. And they complain about their job.

I feel so tired everyday and I go to school everyday like I’m there, but not really there. I don’t even get enough sleep until now I’m falling sick.

This sucks. It really does.

When will this madness end?

Oh that’s right. Never. Until the end of my 3 years here in Poly. I feel like slapping the bunch of fellas who said that Poly was easy. It isn’t.

I’m just ranting and ranting ’cause I need somewhere to say out how and what I feel. And it’s obviously here on my own blog. If you disagree with what I said or aren’t happy about me complaining then kindly please leave this page and don’t judge me.

This is my website after all.


Oh yeah. I had DFVP ICA3 today. I think I did horribly.


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