Voyage de la vie

So I attended the last performance of the Voyage de la vie last night.
It had an amazing group of performers who could do amazing gymnastics and acrobatics.
Almost the entire cast had muscles and could do their acts perfectly.
I saw enough abs last night to last me for a while.
And since I was sitting right in the front row, the stage was only 2 metres away from me! If I reached out, I could touch the stage.
During the performances, the cast members kept coming to the edge of the stage. I thought it’d be very interesting if I suddenly stood up and grabbed one of them šŸ˜€
There were ‘fireworks’ and loud noises and for 2 acts, the gymnasts were right at the front of the stage doing their acts on ropes and cloths and I had to look way up to watch them until my neck hurt. I decided to support my neck with both my hands in the end and when they finished their acts, in a way, I was like thank god they’re done! Even though I would’ve liked to see more of their acts.
There wasn’t a narrator and there wasn’t any dialouge conversation in the show so it was kind of hard to get the story.
The main character, The Boy stayed throughout the entire performances of each act but he had to sing once in a while. The Muse also sang and her lyrics were the story I think. The whole Voyage de la vie is centered around a red ball which is quite intriguing. In my opinion, The Muse looked like an Adele hahaha šŸ™‚
The costumes were vibrant and added glitter and excitement to the show.
We saw Jonathon Leong there and in the VIP box were the Miss Universe Pageant contestants. How come models get such benefits???
I tried reaching out to touch the cast members at the end of the show but they completely ignored me just because I was in the front row and they were looking far ahead at the rest of the audience.
But overall, I really enjoyed watching the show šŸ™‚


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