The Dark Knight Rises

I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises last night with Andrew!

I think overall, it was a great show that had an unexpected mastermind in the end. Since there’s only one reader to this blog, the spoilers here won’t be spoilers at all hahaha

While Andrew and I were queueing up for the popcorn and drink, I typed a Whatsapp message to the Monsters saying that I was out on a date with my brother with a super smiley face at the end. Andrew peeked over at my phone and read what I wrote and looked at me.

‘Movie date huh.’

‘Yeah.’ *Smiles angelically* ‘Andrew you cannot have girlfriend next time because she will take my place and replace me.’

‘Whaaaaa- NO.’


So anyway the cinema was really crowded. It was nearly fullhouse with only about 4 empty seats in the cinema. Andrew managed to get H row seats right in the middle of the screen heheheheheheh πŸ˜€

But a crowded cinema also meant that there were more annoying moviegoers. There would be people walking up and down the aisles during the show and people straddling into the cinema late so we could see light from outside the cinema and there was this CLOWN who was making his opinions audibly heard throughout the entire movie and laughing at the humorous parts like it was some great joke.

I wanted to tell the idiot to just SHADDUP but it wouldn’t be very polite. And there was this couple sitting in front of me using their handphones during the show and I COULD SEE THEIR PHONE SCREEN LIGHT SO IRRITATING. I resisted the urge to kick their seat and tell them to switch off their phones.

But Christian Bale kept my attention long enough to tahan the irritating couple and the CLOWN behind Andrew and me.

Andrew and I thought that the fight scenes were not very exciting. Just punching here and there and Batman wasn’t much of a match for Bane. Selina Kyle is the butt-kicker that even James is in love with. She’s his wallpaper on his itouch hahahaha πŸ™‚

I really liked the humourous parts in the show, like when Batman was talking to Selina Kyle and she suddenly disappears and he muses to himself,

‘So that’s how it feels like.’


Another one is when Bruce Wayne leaves the party and the guy outside tells him that his wife said that he’d be taking a taxi home and Bruce goes,

‘MY WIFE???’

Cut shot to Selina Kyle smiling sexily driving the Billionaire’s fabulous car πŸ˜€

Anne Hathaway was fabulous in the movie. Absolutely sexy and dangerous at the same time.

I think that Miranda was such a byotch. But as a villian super mastermind, I must say that she planned it all extremely well. I mean, she even seduced Bruce Wayne and slept with him to gain his trust and get the CEO position. Despicable but admiring.

Throughout the whole movie, Bane was the main antagonist but I didn’t understand why he was doing all his destruction. He isn’t like the Joker who is purely out there to cause chaos because he likes it. Bane isn’t like that. I thought that he must have needed a motive and an objective to complete in order to destroy Gotham.

The answer was revealed in the end when it was revealed that he was in collaboration with Talia al ghu. I was like, ‘Ohhhh, no wonder.’ when I found out.

I think I need to watch Batman Begins to finally get the story together.

Also, when the last part said that John Blake’s real name was Robin I was thinking ‘What on earth!’ because Robin the sidekick is supposed to be a kid! Weird ending on that Robin part in the Batcave but oh well, it’s the last movie, they can do whatever they want to leave viewers coming up with a continuation of their own. I liked the last part when we see Bruce together with Selina. In the comics, she was his love interest that didn’t come and go like the other girls.


And James will love this picture a LOT


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