National Day

So today is National Day! I don’t feel very patriotic, this year’s National Day seems slow and calm. I think that’s because I haven’t been seeing people hang the Singapore flag outside their homes anymore and the parade hasn’t started yet.
The good thing about this week is that most of the ICAs are now over and that only WMM ICA is left. The downside to all that is that the ICA is due tomorrow and that my group hasn’t really started on it because our ideas aren’t very good and THE FREAKING EXAMS ARE COMING.
Yes, the 2 most boring and difficult modules I’m currently taking have EXAMS. They’re in like 2 weeks time. Sigh.
I can’t find the motivation to start studying because I don’t know. I just don’t find any interest in the modules.
I need to get the Monsters out one day whereby we just plonk ourselves somewhere and study.
Also, tomorrow is Friday and it’s the day the korean guys in my class will be flying back home to Korea! I’ll miss them. Even though I wasn’t really close to them.


I didn’t get to take a picture with Kong or say bye to her too. Sigh. She was so nice but now she’s back in Korea.


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