End of 1st Semester

So the semester has ended and 7 weeks of break is ahead of me!

Apart from the stinking exams, I’m looking forward to a good break with the crazy people called the Monsters.


And Intro to Media.

You’ll both be the death of me.

So last night I read an article that I DID NOT WANT TO SEE and it creeped me out so much, I went to the extend of messaging 2 close friends that I usually wouldn’t bug about this sort of thing well, about this.

That website got me so freaked out, I started imagining things. Like when the wind blew and stuff around the room ruffled, I would jerk my head to look at where the sound came from. I became very paranoid.

I refused to go to sleep until Andrew came home even though it was way past midnight.

I ended up sleeping next to my sister and when I woke up, I had a backache because I didn’t sleep on a proper pillow last night. Well, it beats sleeping alone in my room with all the lights out.

I’m still creeped out about that website.

I don’t want to hear about the Slenderman too. I have a weak heart for supernatural stuff but not physical thrilling stuff like roller-coasters.

So anyway, moving on.

This break, I want to do some things.

1. Go swimming.


3. Get my boots T.T

4. Watch Brave 🙂

5. Get back to writing a story


7. Go karaoke-ing

8. Go work…?

9. Do something for a special someone 🙂

10. Bring someone out to meet some people

I don’t know if i can accomplish all that this coming break. Sigh.


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