Go ahead

Sure, little sister.
Go read like the way you’re currently reading to your oral examiner tomorrow.
Go ahead and do it and see your marks fly out of the window. There goes your one and only chance.
Do you really want to be unreceptive to my advice and think you know better than me?
Go ahead and lose that possible extra 1 or 2 marks. That extra mark could give you a distinction in the end.
But you don’t want to listen because your effing pride is more important. When I’m giving you advice, you roll your eyes at me and look at me with that expression like you wish you were elsewhere. How I wish I could knock some sense into you.
You say that you roll your eyes at everyone because it’s fun. Are you trying to be funny? To me, it is f***ing rude.
It’s your PSLE and this is not something you should take lightly. You have one chance. Only one. Don’t regret the rest of your life wishing you had done better in your PSLE like I did. 


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