Monsters’ Day

So I went out with the Monsters yesterday after the Marketing exams and we spent a lot of time doing unproductive stuff in the fast food area, besides eating lunch there.

I think my Marketing exam is messed up-ish. Marketing makes sense but the annoying thing is that there are just so many point factors that we were required to know.

Sigh. Good luck to you Sarah.

Then while deciding on which movie to watch yesterday, we all decided on The Apparition. That was the worse decision I’d ever made on picking movies. I swear. On my Showtimezz movie timings app, the show was described as a thriller and not of horror genre so I thought, it’s a thriller, okay let’s watch this one. Oooh there’s Ashley Greene and Tom Felton in it! Okay, we’re watching this.

Boy, was I wrong. After we bought the tickets at Orchard Cineleisure, I had a first time look at the poster for The Apparition and I started having second thoughts about the movie. I even thought that there was sex in it because Ashley Greene’s elbows on the poster looked like her breasts but whatever.

We had some fun having our turns on the Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade. The best grade we got was a B hahaha! Danish joined us soon and he had a go on the Guitar Hero playing like a boss 🙂

After that we did a lot of walking around the shops and randomly entering some and exiting them almost immediately for some. We went to the bottom floor and Sam and Char had this great idea of tormenting Danish and Bjorn. Somehow, we all thought that it’d be fun if all of us did the ‘spoon attack’ on Bjorn and we were all mock-punching him in tempo and walking at the same time. People must have thought that we were nuts hahahaha!

Went to watch the movie. Before the movie even started, all the trailers that were playing were seriously creeping me out. Okay, maybe only one. But even before the movie started, I was scared. That trailer was The Possession and it got me locked in a position that I stayed throughout the entire movie.

At some points, okay MOST points of the movie, I was blocking half or more of the screen from my view. That was how scared and creeped out I was. Whenever the bright daylight scenes were shown I was like PHEW.

I seriously can’t take horror shows. Ever since I saw Scooby Doo, the movie version with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar as a kid, I told myself that I would never willingly watch horror shows again. I know it sounds stupid but that movie scarred me from horror movies as a kid.

At the last part of the show, I completely blocked off the whole screen from my view when I saw the creepy hands creep up her shoulders.
I remember one part of the show, I was so freaked out, I asked Char, ‘Tell me again, why am I watching this movie?’ and her reply was:

‘To watch Tom Felton?’

Hahahahahaha. Nice.

Watching that show has made last night a fight against myself.
I told myself I wasn’t afraid and I tried singing songs to myself to get rid of the horrible images from my mind. Worked only to an extent. Then I watched Kim Possible episodes. Seeing cartoon images were better. Then later that night I watched Grease on Channel 5. Watching the happy musical that I love on the TV in the dark with only light on the TV didn’t exactly make me feel any better though. I decided to sleep before 12midnight because sleeping beyond that timing after reading spooky stuff has its effect on me. I tend to feel vulnerable.

Saw a lizard on the wall heading towards the rooms didn’t help. I was walking around cautiously hoping that the lizard didn’t drop from the wall on to my head.

Managed to have a blank dream so YAY.

Oh yeah, earlier on I discovered that a tweet I tweeted about The Apparition being the creepiest show I’ve seen the year was favourited by Todd Lincoln. I was like who’s that so I went to find out.

Get this:

Todd Lincoln is the Director/Writer of The Apparition! I am not kidding.

I was pretty surprised when I saw this. Does anyone else think it’s funny that the release date for this movie is 24th in US, which is today but that it’s already released in Singapore?


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