So today is the 28th and I basically have been slacking around day and night.

I watched The Social Network yesterday

And Green Lantern today.

Okay let me start by telling you the reasons why I decided to watch these two movies which have absolutely no relation to one another.

I wanted to watch The Social Network for one reason:

That’s right, Andrew Garfield.

Need I say more? The movie was pretty boring but I liked watching Andrew Garfield in action so it was worth staying put through the whole movie watching everyone just talk and eventually come up with the idea of Facebook. He was pretty cool as Eduardo Saverin and his acting was really convincing.
I recommend you to watch this movie if:

1. You want to find out how Facebook started

2. You are interested in a mostly all-talk show. With some partying included.

3. You like shows that throw facts and information at you.

This is basically not a movie for people who want to see action and entertainment so yeah. I wonder why Andrew Garfield even agreed to do this movie.

Okay so moving on. Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, etc.

I wanted to watch this movie because well, it’s a superhero movie. Totally my type because in this kind of movie, the good guys always win and they have super powers ^^ And because I hadn’t watched it yet.

I’d say that this movie isn’t that bad. I don’t know why it underperformed at the box office. Some parts in the movie got me scared because of the mutation of Hector Hammond and the villian Parallax, who is quite creepy.

I find the movie quite relatable. Hal Jordan is a guy who witnessed his father die in an accidental plane explosion right in front of him as a kid and because of that, he becomes quite vulnerable. He becomes a pilot just like his father and soon after is called to bear the Green Lantern’s ring from the dying Abin Sur who barely escaped from his sector from Parallax. Hal becomes discouraged to be who he’s called to be – fearless when his training with Kilowog and Sinestro go ugly. Sinestro shows him no mercy in his training and tells Hal that humans are weak and that if he is weak, he cannot protect himself and the universe he’s called to protect. Because of this, Hal becomes discouraged and demoralised. He leaves Oa and returns to Earth.
He tells his friend and Carol (Blake Lively) that he can’t be who he’s called to be because his job description requires him to be fearless. And because he isn’t, he can’t be that person. Carol tells him that everyone is afraid and that no one fearless. But that maybe the ring chose him because he has the ability to overcome fear.
With renewed belief in himself, Hal picks himself up and goes around saving people. Amidst all of this comes the rise of Hector Hammond who has a piece of Parallax inside him after doing an autopsy on Abin Sur. He mutates, ending up an abnormally large swelled head that enables him to have telephatic and psionic powers.

And this being a superhero movie, I think you can guess which side wins in the end. I think the Green Lantern’s oath is pretty cool so here it is:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!’

So that’s the end of my movie reviews for today. Wonder what movie I should watch next.

The Monsters have been doing reviews of one another like some report card. I don’t think I’m going to do the same because it isn’t some tradition so I’ll probably do something different. Not today though.

Okay, goodbye for now!


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