Celebrating Hari Raya for the first time

So yesterday was the first time I ever had a reason to celebrate Hari Raya! The Monsters were all late except Sam and I. As expected haha. When we got to Danish’s house, we snacked on his goodies and we polished off the prawn rolls because everybody loved them so much! I suddenly feel like eating something crunchy. Like murukku. So here’s the Monster Family photo below:


This was taken before Sam and I left. Funny how we came the earliest and left the earliest too. My sister saw the above photo and kept staring at it. Then finally, she declared:

Jie Jie looks like a princess!’


Below this is part of a long conversation the Monsters had on Whatsapp. I was feeling pretty emotionless – not feeling any emotion in particular you know – when suddenly I read the following 2 screenshots and laughed like crazy.



Hahaha thanks Danish and Bjorn for being so lame. It must be some kind of talent 😉

So anyway, when we got to Danish’s house, we sat around the coffee table and snacked on his goodies. I also found his copy of Captain America: The First Avenger! Hahahaha ^^
They played Fifa on the Xbox and for some reason, Vi and Char thought it’d be fun if they played and ruined all the players to do ridiculous stuff such as run straight out of the pitch with the ball and pass the ball back and forth the same 2 players. It was pretty epic to see Danish and Bjorn yell stuff and instruct Sam and Char what to do with the ball when it was in their possession. Yep. Soccer is not for girls.

We then had lunch and Danish was being a very good host by serving all of us and dishing out the bee hoon but he failed miserably at separating the bee hoon from the main plate into our plates. I could facepalm him right then but I knew he was already being kind by dishing out the bee hoon for us. Good effort Danish! 🙂

All of us had a go at the Dance Central 2 and it was fun! BUT. JUST SELECTING ONE SONG TO DANCE TO WAS SO TIRING. Selecting one song could make me sweat. I am not kidding. It was the Kinect that had poor detection or something and couldn’t work effectively. So anyway. Danced until I sweated like I’d just done a marathon.

We watched Youtube videos on the big screen for some time then the others thought of playing Fifa again. Vi and I lazed around on the sofa while the rest played soccer. On the Xbox.

Then Sam and I had to go and we took that photo you see above.
After leaving Danish’s house, I am now 5 bucks richer! ^^


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