Movie Review for She’s the Man

So I just watched the 2006 Rom-Com She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum (again haha. I must be on a Channing Tatum marathon or something). And I just realised that I’m doing another Amanda – Channing movie review.

SO! She’s the Man is a Rom-Com, which is really funny and includes romance. I chose to watch this movie because it’s a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night which I really love. I remember the Twelfth Night being one of the first few Shakespeare books I’ve ever read and really enjoyed so when I found out that this show was based on that story – somewhat – I just had to watch it. Ready for the review? Here we go~

Viola (Amanda Bynes) is on Cornwall High’s girls’ soccer team but the team got cut and after being rejected to try out the boys’ team, she decides that ‘If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em.’. She takes her twin brother Sebastian’s place in enrolling at Illyria and meets Duke Orsino (Channing Tatum) who is her roommate. There, she tries out the guys’ soccer team but is put on second string. She finds out that Duke likes Olivia who likes her (as Sebastian). After she becomes Olivia’s lab partner, Duke strikes a deal with her: He would trian her to be good enough to be pushed up to first string in exchange for her encouraging Olivia during class to go out with Duke. Viola agrees and the deal begins. But during this period of time, Viola begins to fall in love with Duke.

Some comedic parts in the show include guys finding out that ‘Sebastian’ has tampons in his boot but Viola quickly covers up by saying that she keeps them because she gets really bad nosebleeds and Viola attempting to shower alone in the guys’ showers when guys suddenly walk in. Other comedic parts include interactions between Viola teaching Duke how to make conversation with a girl (using cheese as an example) and Viola getting the soccer ball accidentally kicked at her vital area. All the guys squirm at her expected pain but she’s blur for a moment before she suddenly remembers that she’s a guy and has to yell so she goes:


HAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard at that one 😀

Things get complicated when she has to attend a carnival that both she and her brother have to be present at. Duke, Monique, her brother’s ex-girlfriend, Olivia and her mum would all be present there. So at the carnival, we follow Viola as she has to constantly change clothes to be herself and Sebastian to avoid suspicion. I quite pity and admire her at that point of the story. I would go nuts if I had that much on my mind like her at that time.

Viola takes Olivia’s shift at the Kissing booth right when it’s Duke’s turn. Duke’s quite disappointed by his luck of getting his chance at kissing Olivia but isn’t too disappointed at her replacement either. Justin, Viola’s ex-boyfriend gets jealous and mad when he sees Duke kissing Viola and a fight ensues.

Back at the dorm, Viola sees Duke with a tampon up his nose (HAHAHAHAHAHA) because he has a really bad nosebleed from the fight earlier on and tells her ‘You’re right about these, these things actually work.’

Both of them talk about Viola and Olivia and I cracked up when Viola said:

‘I am not sure that you and Olivia really mish well together, you know I mean you and Viola, it’d be magic.

What does your heart tell you?

I mean, which one would you rather see NAKED?’

I just died laughing there and then. Oh, Amanda Bynes. I don’t know how Channing Tatum managed to keep a straight face when you said that.

So far, we know that ‘Sebastian’ is a guy who talks alot from a girl’s point of view so he seems to be a I don’t know, a gay?

But amazingly, since this is a show, no one suspects a thing. So far.

Duke manages to secure a date with Olivia who is really using Duke to make ‘Sebastian’ jealous. This is apparent during the double date when ‘Sebastian’ leaves after Eunice tries to get touchy with ‘him’ and Olivia leaves Duke, dropping her pretense that she’s into him.

Unknown to Viola, her brother Sebastian comes back a day early and when he arrives in a taxi at the school, Olivia runs up to him and kisses him. This is witnessed by Duke who becomes angry and throws Viola out of their room, thinking that he had betrayed his trust and gone behind his back to secretly date Olivia.

Denying that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about makes Duke even more incensed, thus leading him to throw his roommate out of their room.

The next day at the big game of Cornwall vs Illyria, Sebastian takes Viola’s place and plays the first half of the game and fails miserably at it. He proves that he is a guy by pulling down his pants when Malcolm (Olivia’s lover), Monique and the principal announce that Sebastian is a girl. Viola switches places with him for the second half of the game and reveals who she really is. She exposes her breasts to prove that she is a girl and is allowed to continue playing for Illyria. Illyria wins and at the end of the story, Sebastian and Olivia get together and Duke admits to Viola that he loves her. They are seen playing soccer together at practice and Duke lifts her up like he did to Nora in Step Up 🙂

Okay so this story was a little ridiculous but hey, it’s a Shakespeare story, right? I mean seriously, if I was Duke and ‘Sebastian’ showed funny behaviours towards me, I’d think he was gay. But I guess he never considered that because there’s a scene in the show whereby ‘Sebastian’ displays to everyone how desirable he is to the ladies (thanks to Paul, her stylist friend who did it to help her up her reputation). I think the guys should have suspected something earlier as ‘Sebastian’ never went around topless before. Oh but whatever, it’s a show right? And in the original story, Viola as Cesario didn’t have that much trouble to deal with as compared to what she had to manage in this show.

I recommend you to watch this show if you love Rom-Coms and just want to laugh your head off at something ridiculously stupid and funny. This is exactly why I love Rom-Coms. They just make you laugh like crazy and there’s that romance element in it! The idea of Rom-Coms must have been the best idea ever. Killing two birds with one stone. This show was definitely more fun to watch than Dear John. In terms of entertainment. Four and a half upon five for this show 🙂


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