Hana Yori Dango Anime

Well! I just finished watching the longest anime I’ve ever watched at one go.

I present to you: Hana Yori Dango!

I must say that this anime is still the same as the Korean drama but quite different. The anime focuses fully on Tsukasa and Tsukushi that the relationship between Yuuki and Sojirou is ignored and not mentioned at all -.-

The anime is quite slow-paced I guess you could say and I think the second last episode was disappointing. It looked as though it wasn’t even the second last episode and that it couldn’t be anywhere near the end. I feel that the last episode was a rush to patch up everything and clear all the loose ends. It was so sudden and such a shock to the viewer in the face that suddenly THAT thing happened on the last episode. I’m pretty disappointed with the last episode of this anime.

I wish the anime covered everything in the manga because then now I wouldn’t have to read the manga to satisfy my disappointment at the anime. And I like watching visuals better than reading manga in black and white. Oh well.

I really liked Tsukasa’s change from a bratty, spoilt kid to a more mature and understanding person. It really shaped him as a character. I feel that Mrs Domyouji was letting her son and Tsukushi off too easily in the anime. And why why why in the anime did Shizuka Todo come back to Japan asking Rui to come back to her and fly off to Paris with her??? Isn’t that not supposed to happen? I hate adaptations that are not loyal to the original story sigh.

I must say, I enjoyed watching the Korean drama version much better. Especially since there was Kim Bum in it ^^

I’m so glad they gave his character a storyline to the show. I wonder if I should randomly watch some episodes of Boys Over Flowers again.

So the 51 episodes of the Hana Yori Dango anime, not really worth it. Even Hanazawa Rui’s character was quite inconsistent. I found it odd that throughout the whole anime, Tsukushi was pondering about her feelings for Tsukasa and never really told him that she loved him, even though he told her he loved her somewhere in the first 20 episodes. It’s not even clear if she does love him. There are so many holes in this anime, it’s no wonder I’m disappointed.

Well. Gonna find some other things to do next! 🙂


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