My week of work

So I think this week was the longest week in my holidays weeks ever.


I have never stood continuously so long in a specific area of only 4 metres long for so long before. The first day was the worst. I had a backache and aching feet that hurt when I walked. The subsequent days became more bearable even though my feet still ached. The only consolation I had was that I didn’t have anymore backaches.

I met a bunch of nice and friendly people this whole week and a whole bunch of unreasonable and unfriendly people that consisted of both customers and staff members. For unreasonable customers, I swear that I felt like punching them in the face and yelling right back at them but of course I didn’t do that, no matter how much I would have loved to do it. For unfriendly staff members, they just made my days less bearable because they refused to talk to me or even smile at me.

Seriously, is smiling to a newbie that difficult? They’re supposed to work and focus on their work, I know, but teach the newbie and show me the ropes, at least. Why glare at me and talk in some other language other than English to others over me? Oh well. Not like I’m going to see them again.

Now I kind of understand why working people say that they wish they were still studying instead of working. It pretty much sucks because it’s laborious. The job I took this week didn’t require a lot of brains but it sure required body energy and standing for 8 hours a day for 5 days plus an extra 5 hours is no joke. it is really energy draining. When I reached home each day, I didn’t even have the time to touch my favourite device – the computer. I didn’t really have time to charge my phone batteries too to last me the whole of the following day. When my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep almost instantly those few days.

I’m pretty glad this whole week’s over.

Saw a few unexpected visitors this week. Matt and Joshua were the first 2 and they came to cajiao me while I was working. Joshua visited again the next day with a different friend. Then Nick came to visit ^^ And today, I saw Char and her honey for a while before they disappeared to couple haven. I even saw a guy from Holy Cross who recognised me and we spoke for a while before he left with a girl.

Of all the part-timer staff that I met, I think that Nyssa was awesomely easy to talk to because she’s so approachable ^^ Shirlene was weird in a funny way because she kept mentioning guys she was looking at on the third floor of the mall, saying that they were handsome hahaha! I also met a staff member who I noticed was wearing a crucifix and we spoke a bit about our faith 🙂 I don’t know why but it also feels great to meet and talk to another Catholic. Faith does bring people together 🙂

I also experienced a rollercoaster ride on my emotions this week. I must say, I prefer real rollercoaster rides.

Oh yeah, I found a DC comics store and I really want to get a Batman and Superman tee shirt! Superman tee would fit me because ‘S’ stands for ‘Sarah’ and Sarah wears ‘S’ sized clothes! Hahaha!



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