Trip to Bugis and chinese orchestra/opera-ish play

Let me start with a photo I really like taken on that day I went to Bugis and Chinatown, which was Thursday, 27th September 2012! Credits go to the pretty and adorable Sammi~

She has great photo-taking skills 🙂 Okay so Bjorn, Sam and I went to Bugis first that day because a certain someone was late as usual~ I was hungry but Sam said we couldn’t eat yet because we should wait for Vivienne T.T

So we met her after walking around Bugis Street aimlessly for a while. We went to Manhattan Fish Market and the Fish and Chips there were SO GOOD.


We had this soup first and it was so yummy~!


Then the main course came! This Fish and Chips is really good, I don’t mind going back there to spend those 8 bucks again ^^

After that, we went back to Bugis Street to hunt for stuff. Sam managed to find stuff that she liked and I got tempted everywhere to buy boots! Almost every shoe shop there sold boots like Gwen Stacy’s! We managed to find a free phone charging station on second floor too. When I saw the billboard flashing the words ‘Free handphone charging station’ I couldn’t believe it so I went closer to take a look. True enough, the wires really do charge phones!

Bjorn and Vivienne displayed some love for banana milk even though Sam and I didn’t really like it. Personally, I don’t really like eating banana but drinking it? O_O

We walked around a lot, etc etc. I felt like my form was off that day, like the week before, I was standing for 8 hours straight but that day, I walked a bit and felt like I needed to sit down. Maybe it’s cos I knew that I could actually sit down. I gave Nick a shock by using some words that got misinterpreted hahaha. We went to Bugis Junction in the evening and while walking around, the girls decided to go to the toilet so while waiting in the queue, Sam and I spoke about getting piercings when suddenly Vivienne butted her nose in and announced that she wanted another piercing and Sam and I went simultaneously,


HAHAHAH we’re psychic Sammi ^^

Bought chrysanthemums for Vivienne who didn’t know they were for her. Bluffed that they were for my mother. She’s so naive, it’s cute 🙂 We visited a shop that sold all kinds of iphone covers and Bjorn got horny looking at a particular one and it was then I used the word ‘orgasm’ and Vi went around asking what the word meant and Bjorn refused to tell her. Sam and I just stared at them and we’re both thinking, ‘We can’t believe they’re supposed to be the oldest among us’ HAHAHAHA

Vi’s so innocent that she doesn’t even know what ‘spasm’ meant! Oh well. Better to stay innocent Vi. We headed to Chinatown to meet Char mommy. When Sam entered her train, Vi and I did a over-the-head heart shape for her to see but she didn’t fully see it cos she was too short being blocking by other passengers! T.T

Saw Char mommy at Chinatown and I ran to her. Behold her surprised face. *Cue dramatic music*

So we went to eat dinner at the Food Street and pigeons there were dive-bombing everywhere over our heads! It made me paranoid while eating dinner that some pigeon would steal my food or shit over my head while dive-bombing.

Blah blah blah jump to period of time before Vi’s concert started. Bjorn, Char and I were among senior citizens! And we were laughing like mad watching others’ misery. ‘Others’ refer to Sims on Char’s iphone. We took turns to give Sim City an earthquake, see them retch and have a mass vomiting party! HAHAHAHA! Then we watched as Char made her Sim clean up his/her mess then do a backflip and yell out ‘INSADOOBA!’ HAHAHAH like WHUTTTTT?

Vivienne also spoke with Char on the phone before the concert started and unknowingly, she let the following words get broadcasted to the entire theatre: ‘I WANT GO TOILET!’

Vivienne oh Vivienne. HAHAHAHA


Can you spot Vivienne in the photo above? 🙂 Okay so I wasn’t completely paying attention to the chinese plays cos I didn’t really understand them. Char explained the story to me after the first 3 chapters of the first story before I thought, hey this is quite interesting. Char continued to be my translator/narrator. THANK GOD SHE WAS THERE OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE 2 HOURS.

After the whole show, I remembered clearly one line from the first story.

‘Hehehehehehehe wo bu gao su ni~!’ ^^

Oh god that part was so funny, the way the actress said it. While walking back to the MRT station and talking to my mother on the phone, I saw Char do a double take and leapt back before screaming then I saw the culprit and screamed into my phone.

This is what a cockroach can do to people. I think I made my mother half deaf heheheh.

Okay I think that’s about it for that day 🙂


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