The last day of the Harry Potter Exhibition

There is only one word to describe the Harry Potter exhibition.

It was awesome.

Seriously, if you love the world of Harry Potter as much as I do, the whole exhibition was the experience not to be missed. It was truly amazing to see all the props and clothes the actors and actresses wore and it’s soooo hard to believe that you’re within 1 metre of the props and clothes and yet you can’t touch them. So close, yet so far T.T

The fact that those props in front of me were worn, touched and used by Hollywood stars, I couldn’t wrap it around my head. I went overboard when I saw Cedric Diggory’s robes, Quidditch robes and dress robes he wore to the Yule Ball. I really loved the Robert Pattinson back then, when he was Cedric Diggory. They even had the dress robes and dresses worn by the key actors and actresses at the Yule Ball! Courtney and I were eye-glued to Hermione’s pink chiffon dress that was within a tempting 1 metre of me. We even played mini Quidditch in the exhibition and threw Quaffles into the the 3 hoops 😀 We also pulled out screaming Mandrakes from their pots and I was amazed that the Mandrake’s cry wasn’t fatal to me ahahahaha ^^

We saw a Dementor too and looked under its hood. Apparently, there’s nothing under its hood, apart from a mouth. It had a spine and a creepy feel to it. We also saw the different types of wands used by the different characters and each wand is unique to its owner. Like Voldemort’s wand-butt was curved like a tooth’s or a claw.

Each section was a different place in the Harry Potter world. Like the Forbidden Forest, The Great Hall, Hagrid’s Hut. Before we knew it, the exhibition was over. The store at the end of the exhibition selling all sorts of merchandise were all so ex. A tiny box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean was a freaking 6 bucks and a stuffed Hedwig was 70 bucks. So since everything was so expensive, a photo was the least we could get as proof that we did come to this awesome exhibition right?

So boomz, here is evidence! See my disloyalty to Gryffindor House, wearing a Ravenclaw scarf proudly while wearing Gryffindor’s shirt haha!

And here’s my post-exhibition thoughts. I think I understand how Lee Shin Young from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry feels now upon seeing couples acting like their in their own world. Her expressions below mirror exactly how I was feel internally even though the whole time, I act like it’s nothing to me.

I know there’s no reason to feel this way but I can’t help feeling that a little. Couples flaunting their happiness everywhere… I know they’re happy and stuff but I can’t help feeling a little envious. I finally understand how you feel, Vi. This feeling didn’t really hit me before but today, I really experienced it. No wonder there are such things as third parties ruining up couples in dramas. I always thought third parties were extras and ridiculously jealous of the main couples but now I get why scriptwriters always include them in the dramas even though their roles are redundant and their characters never last very long.

Park Jin Hee, thank you for portraying Lee Shin Young in that drama perfectly and displaying her emotions beautifully. That drama was the most relatable drama I’ve ever seen in my Kdrama history.


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