So I’m going to write about yesterday.

I had a nosebleed yesterday. I was pretty surprised when I blew my nose and all that blood came out. So I had to walk around the house with a piece of tissue sticking up my nose. I didn’t realise how stupid I looked until I went to the toilet and looked at myself in the mirror. Walking around with a piece of tissue up your nose does not look glam in any way.

I bet the prettiest model you can think of won’t even look pretty with a piece of tissue sticking up her nose.

After having a nosebleed after years of being in the nosebleed desert, I think that it’s not possible for someone to have a nosebleed due to shock. You know the expression everyone uses, that they think they have a nosebleed after seeing some superstar, I think it’s not physically possible for one to have a nosebleed like that.

I’m just saying. How can one be so shocked upon seeing their idol that their nose capillaries burst? It doesn’t seem humanly possible.

Anyway, sorry to bore you guys with my nosebleed theory.

And I dreamt that Andrew and Daniel died last night in my dreams. Thank god my favourite brother is still alive.


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